In the past, quality content was all that mattered. Today, it’s not enough. Quality content is available in abundance, but most of it gets lost and never reaches the masses. The reason? Content is King, but to rule the kingdom you need more.

You need to think one step ahead and implement strategies to reach as many of your target customers as possible so that they actually consume the content you’re specifically designing for them. Social media marketing (SMM) has a significant role in attracting targeted users, but in order to succeed, we must step into the big world of SMM like a real pro.

Keeping up with the constantly developing tools of the SMM industry can be difficult, but we’re here to help you. Here are the 4 must-have tools of any modern SMM pro:

1. Adobe Spark

If you’re lucky, your company has designers who can fulfill your visual ideas. However, ignoring design altogether is a big mistake. Sometimes you need to try it yourself. You know the customers’ psychology best, and you can give birth to some genius design pieces.

We’re not urging you to master designer tools. Luckily, the 21st century has opened the door for marketers to design things quickly and easily. One tool that helps with this is Adobe Spark.

The app will help you add flavor to your standard content, and it’s easy to experiment with eye-catching web stories, animated videos, and infographics!

Another thing we like about this app is the inspiration gallery, which will definitely spark your creativity and ignite your storytelling.

Don’t be surprised if, after some moments of motivation, your SMM channel experiences a terrific number of visitors. Viral digital pieces can have a magical effect on your marketing campaigns.

2.  Canva

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Canva is another tool to make a designer out of you.  It is an easy-to-use app that can turn your ideas into social media post images without much effort. Why not diversify your social media content through creative collages and social media graphics?

No complaints! Showing creativity only through text is a thing of the past. You must innovate the perfect mixture of design and content. That’s the rule of SMM.

This tool can also be used for creating web mockups. Hosting an event? Go ahead and create an eye-catching invitation!

Giving the content a fresh feel has always worked.

3. Anchor

Content with an image is all well and good, but for the past few years, audiences have been pressing marketers for videos to engage them. Now, it’s time for the audio materials. In fact, audio is becoming the newest social media trend.  

Honestly, we expected this turn of events. Social media only accepts real-time content these days. Want to be the first company to comment on some big industry news? There’s no time for writing! Record your reaction to Anchor.

Our advice: experiment with audio and with using Anchor. You can even go ahead and turn your blog posts into podcasts.

4. Buffer

We have no doubt that you apply tools for scheduling your SMM posts. Not only does it save you valuable time as an SMM pro, it also provides you with useful data, including the best times to post in different channels, or the type of content that works best with your audience.

Our favorite apps for SMM are Buffer. The choice is yours since there is no major difference between these two apps. It’s all about which works best for you personally.

To sum up, being an expert at SMM demands experimenting with tools that hasten the launch of each marketing piece. There is no other way to win.

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