Vivek Khandelwal, Founder and COO of iZooto, a retargeting and engagement solution for online merchants, talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about the state of push notifications. Vivek Khandelwal also shares information on how he has been working towards providing more value for clients, how the adtech and martech industry is changing as a whole, and the impact that he has been contributing towards making that has him the most excited.


Episode Highlights:

  • Vivek Khandelwal shares his background and how he got started.
  • What made Vivek Khandelwal see push notifications as a valuable trend to pursue?  
  • What has been the transition that Vivek has seen to make push notifications more acceptable?
  • How does Vivek see push notifications having become a more seamless experience?   
  • How does Vivek see publishers using push notifications?
  • What kinds of metrics can be reported on and also how can publishers see returns from audience engagement?
  • Can publishers generate their own metrics?  
  • What is one case study that Vivek is excited about?
  • What is some advice about push notifications that Vivek recommends?  
  • Make sure you are pushing out your messages at the right times.
  • What does Vivek see as the future of push notifications?
  • What lessons does Vivek recommend for people looking to be involved in his industry?
  • What is Vivek have going on in the future horizon?

3 Key Points:

  1.    Subscriber lifetime is an incredibly important metric to have.
  2.    The right way to ask for push notification permission is not when users land on the website, it is when users have derived some value from the content.
  3.    Notifications should be sent to their best-of audience before 4pm and they should be sent to their mobile audience after 5pm.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Pretty much everybody with a mobile is a publisher, in their own rights.” – Vivek Khandelwal.
  • “In India, mobile device storage is a big problem. As much as 30% of Indian mobile users every week run out of space on their mobile devices.” – Vivek Khandelwal.
  • “Publishers need to take charge of their audience. That is the missing ingredient here.” – Vivek Khandelwal.

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