Martijn de Kuijper, CEO and Founder of Revue, an editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers, talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about the state of paid newsletters. Martijn de Kuijper opens up about ways publishers can monetize their newsletters, strategies for creating engaging newsletters, and how to increase the viability of newsletters for organizations and independent publishers.


Episode Highlights:

  • Martijn de Kuijper explains what Revue does.
  • What was the lightbulb moment to make Martijn de Kuijper focus on monetizing newsletters?
  • What are some of the applications for newsletters?
  • Is the conversational general audience tone typically effective for newsletters?
  • What type of publishers are adopting Revue?
  • What reasons are pushing companies towards newsletters?
  • What approaches have people used to monetize their audience?
  • How do the various percentages of service usage break down?
  • Will email be a viable model for marketing instead of social media?
  • What has Martin seen as a realistic potential from earning revenue from newsletters?
  • What is some practical advice for creating a newsletter?
  • What are ways to get more constant feedback?
  • What is some advice for successful ways publishers are using newsletters?
  • What are some innovations that Martijn de Kuijper would like to see?
  • Which directions does Martin see Revue going in?
  • What general advice does Martijn de Kuijper have for entrepreneurs?

3 Key Points:

  1.    Email marketing falls into the categories of transactional, promotional, and editorial.
  2.    Uses for monetizing newsletters include: advertising, affiliate models, and sponsorship.
  3.    Beginners should start with an editorial newsletter, create the rhythm of the content, create a conversation around the content, share the newsletter, grow the subscriber base, and find the right niche.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “If you connect the writer to the newsletter, you make it more personal, that drives more conversation.” – Martijn de Kuijper
  • “If you want to do subscription models, you need a more loyal audience. – Martijn de Kuijper
  • “I think that email can be the center of optimizing a publisher’s business model, because it’s so much about audience engagement and about loyalty.” – Martijn de Kuijper

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