Kylie Merritt, Founder and Managing Director at ausbiz talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about the state of live streaming. ausbiz is being labeled as the first continuous live streaming service dedicated to business and finance information in Australia.


Episode Highlights:

  • What is Kylie’s background and that of ausbiz TV?
  • How much of a factor was Kylie’s past experience in launching ausbiz TV and what are the factors that other entrepreneurs can learn from here?
  • The State of Live Streaming – how it’s progressed and changed to what it is today?
  • Using realtime data for audience development and partnerships – infrastructure and key considerations for better programming.
  • What are the factors necessary for making a streaming service commercially viable?
  • How to share a vision of a new product live ausbiz to investors at the seed level, and mistakes others can learn from?
  • Who is the target audience for distributing live streaming?
  • How does the market landscape is changing under the likes of niche publishers doing unique things?
  • Are platforms like Facebook, Facebook Watch, and Publishers good for the industry and collaboration?
  • What are the considerations that can help with programming for ausbiz?
  • With Google Chrome planning to remove third party cookie data from their browsers in 2022 is there additional technology that can help present data to advertisers?
  • What are the common issues that would come with starting up?
  • What can be said about establishing a startup channel compared to launching other channels within established companies?
  • ausbiz 2020 plans and key indicators of success.
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Key points:

  1. Looking at the state of business in Australia and the need for a dedicated Australian business channel, commercially a streaming channel is viable and there is definitely a need for it.
  2. A professional dedicated streaming channel is something that takes a lot of effort, not with all the quality requirements of a television network but still a lot of work – especially something the financial service community would be comfortable with.
  3. There are many smaller publishers doing well outside the live streaming space. However, the reason why the Australian live streaming market is lacking is because the market is small according to research with about 800,000 Australians seeking out this sort of high-end business and finance content.


Tweetable quotes:

  • “I think if people are being asked to work really hard and to try new things. If they see you doing it as well and sometimes trying and failing then they’re far more likely to come with you if they say you asking them to do all of that.” – Kylie Merritt
  • “In terms of launching a startup, It’s probably not for the faint-hearted but I just think you’ve really got to be quite passionate about not just the fact that you want to launch a startup, but all that it entails, then you would make it work.” – Kylie Merritt


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