Colm Dolan, CEO and Founder of Publift, the only Google-certified partner in Australia and New Zealand, an adtech and consulting business that assists publishers with ad management and advertising revenue, talks to your host Vahe Arabian of State of Digital Publishing about increasing revenue. Colm Dolan also shares his knowledge on the changes in content quality and creation, the issues publishers are facing to succeed, and the current state of advertising.



Episode Highlights:

  • Colm Dolan discusses his family and business background.
  • How does Colm describe Publift?  
  • What is Colm’s take on the state of advertising?
  • What is happening to overall content consuming habits?
  • Is there a correlation between quality content and the decline of adsense and CPMs?  
  • How has the popularity of mobile and video been affecting advertising?
  • What should publishers be focusing on to succeed?
  • Is there an opportunity for publishers to create their own video channels?
  • How does Colm define a small publisher?
  • What advice does Colm Dolan recommend to increase ad revenue?
  • How active is Colm in the education process?
  • Where is the balance of innovation at the moment?
  • How does Colm address people to implement their ad stack?
  • How has Colm’s team been able to benefit publishers from a channel efficiency point of view?
  • Colm discusses header bidding and how it can be used.  
  • Publishers really need to know where their traffic sources are coming from.
  • What future plans do Colm and his team have?


3 Key Points:

  1.    80% of every dollar being spent on advertising is going to Google and Facebook.
  2.    Colm considers a small publisher as having a minimum threshold of 500,000-100 million page impressions a month and a team of less than 10.
  3.    The problem of publishers finding talent is leading to a lot of outsourcing.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “You always have to go back to creating good content.” – Colm Dolan.
  • “If you affect millions, you will make millions.” – Colm Dolan.
  • “A drop in traffic means a drop in ad revenue.” – Colm Dolan.


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