There are many different types of sites that are covering new media & publishing’s trends, insights, and advocacy of present challenges. The team at State of Digital Publishing would like to acknowledge the top 100, as derived from manual searches and recognition from our existing audience.


1. Association of Women In Sports Media

As its’ name suggests, the AWSM has helped promote the advocacy of women in sports journalism, through its membership services and events. Their news column suitably highlights the day to day occurrences and perspectives of more successful professionals in the field.

2. Online News Association

The Online News Association claims to be the largest member organization for journalists. Its goal is to connect journalism, training, and innovation through its conferences, peer published news and resources.


No one can question the legitimacy of The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, given its’ affiliation with 3,000 publishing companies and technology entrepreneurs and 80 member associations consisting of 18,000 global members. The association has its own news and blogs sections covering WAN-IFRA and its members’ news, events, opinions, and contributions.


As an association, Digital Content Next has positioned itself as the platform in order to help strengthen the trust of its members (digital content companies) with advertisers and marketers. It’s proprietary research and private and public forums strengthen the work they do.

5. International News Media Association

INMA highlights the research of other news media companies that should guide the strategic decisions of others. The INMA Europe Research Committee publishes these posts, breaking it down into a broad range of topics, empowering storytelling.

6. IAB

The IAB is one of the leading advertising industry bodies that sets policies and produces research for companies selling, delivering, and optimizing digital advertising or marketing campaigns.

7. DIGITAL NEws Initiative

Digital News Initiative is a collaboration between leading publishers and Google in supporting and stimulating news innovation. They provide their own insights, initiative updates, and commentary that is product and action driven.


The FIPP represents content-rich companies or individuals involved in the creation, publishing or sharing of quality content to audiences of interest. As a member, you can expect to receive a library of Insight research, news archives, innovations, case studies, help-yourself charts, tables and slideshows, videos.

9. Reynolds Journalism Institute

RJI’s work crosses diverse specialties within journalism, including media convergence, editorial content, and methods, the evolution of advertising, innovation in management and the impact of new technologies. They are also involved in many product innovation projects such as a transcription tool, which makes it interesting to follow their developments.

10. News Media Alliance

As one of the leading voices of the news media industry, News Media Alliance’s research & tools, insights and events looking at the freedom of the press, public policy and legal matters, advertising growth, new revenue streams and audience development across all platforms makes it a powerhouse. 

11. FAIR

The media watch group works with activist groups and journalist and through its CounterSpin and Extra! publications, it provides thoughtful critique to news stories running every week.



Northwestern University Knight Lab is a community of designers, developers, students, and educators working on experiments designed to push journalism into new spaces. They are best known for their suite of tools, which is covered across their blog and the most popular, TimelineJS, has been used by more than 250,000 people to tell stories seen hundreds of millions of times, and is available in more than sixty languages.”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:513,”3″:[null,0],”12″:0}”>Northwestern University Knight Lab is a community of designers, developers, students, and educators working on experiments designed to push journalism into new spaces. They are best known for their suite of tools, which is covered on their blog and the most popular, TimelineJS, has been used by more than 250,000 people to tell stories seen hundreds of millions of times and is available in more than sixty languages.


The Future Journalism Project started out as a blog with real data-driven insights around how to improve, consume and produce news content. The organization has since 2017 switched its focus towards events, with their first series launching in 2018.

14. SOciety of Professional Journalists

Here is where the Society of Professional Journalists (the oldest running broad-based Journalism association) beyond its advocacy of journalistic integrity and high standards, outlines the latest events and opinionated pieces of the industry.

15. Cyber Journalist

Frank Bruni is an award-winning journalist for the NYTimes, and through his personal blog Cyber Journalist, he covers opinion-ed posts (both original and already written on the NYTimes) around the changing landscape of new media and targeting. His blog categorizes the content by Social, Mobile, and Video.

16. I-DOCS

For those interested in interactive documentary making and journalism, I-Docs has got you covered. Running on a community model they offer news analysis and dialogue through its website, symposium, and events held in Bristol, UK.

17. News Entrepreneurs

News Entrepreneurs is a blog created by James Breiner who explores business models for new digital media. As a trainer and teacher in digital journalism and visiting professor of communication at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, James effectively synthesizes the many academic and industry reports published so that his readers can better understand their implications.

18. It’s ALl Journalism

It’s all Journalism is a weekly podcast about the changing state of media from producers Michael O’Connell and Nicole Ogrysko. Learn practical techniques and hear in thought-provoking discussions from their guests.

19. Stuff Journalists Like

A satirical blog about journalism for journalists that is another long-standing site (since 2008). Mentioned in leading industry publications, it chronicles the newsroom tendencies and habits professionals and organizations bestow in their day to day professionals lives.

20. Advancing the Story

This website is a companion to the Advancing the Story: Journalism in a Multimedia World by Deb Halpern Wenger and Deborah Potter textbook, where it covers the publishing best practices according to by story format and medium. The website provides updated real-life case studies tied to the textbook chapters.


David Brewer is passionate about media training and development and has set up the Media Helping Media blog in order to:

a) Provide updates on his media training sessions around the world,
b) Report on the free online tools he is testing before using in his training sessions
c) Provide news about the people he meets on his travels or those he has met who needs help.

David will be blogging less frequently moving forward, as a result of his commitment to other projects, but his insights and training list categorization are unique across the field, making it worth coming back to his website.

22. Thinglink Blog

Thinglink Blog is from Thinglik; the provider of image and video interaction tools in the classroom. To our knowledge, this is a tool commonly used across digital media/journalism trainers and teachers. In addition, its advice on tool applications or 360/VR images and maps makes it a useful resources for multimedia journalists and publishers.


Many startup media and publishing companies or established professionals have seen Medium as an avenue to distribute or develop their own audiences within this platform. You will find many gold nuggets of opinionated pieces or startup companies trying to leave their own mark in this industry


There are leading publishers that have their own internal R&D departments, focusing on product innovation. The BBC is one of them and does this together with partner news organizations and research institutions globally. Check out some of their active projects like ALTO (their multilingual tool), how they used Twitter bots to automate news updates and how they visualized audio (called audiograms) on BBC News Labs.

25. AP Insights

Industry trends from the Associated Press take an interesting standpoint on covering perspectives from around the industry and provide tips and tricks for how to navigate emerging trends. Video reporting adoption, AI automation, IOT and more have all been covered.


Media Math has been noted as a leader in programmatic marketing technology for marketers and publishers. Their blog provides articles, case studies, and ebooks on programmatic best practices.

27. Online Journalism Blog

The Online Journalism Blog publishes commentary, analysis, and links covering online journalism and online news, data journalism, citizen journalism, blogging, vlogging, photoblogging, podcasts, vodcasts, interactive storytelling, publishing, Computer Assisted Reporting, User Generated Content, searching and all things internet. Paul Bradshaw is an accomplished trainer, university professor and author who has captured the admiration of his audience.

28. Niche Media

Niche Media offers revenue-generating events and resources for niche publishers. Their blog covers many how-tos’ and tips which can often cover daily tactical applications a digital publisher may face. The Niche Media Network team is backed by a founder who has successfully run and sold 5 magazine publishing companies, which provides strong credibility to their efforts.

29. Verizon Digital Media

Verizon is a media conglomerate that is involved in all aspects of the ecosystem, so its expertise is second to none. The Verizon Digital Media Services blog provides insights into commerce, media & entertainment, news, security, streaming and web performance.

30. Contently

Contently is a martech company that helps users better manage their content strategies and campaigns. It’s branded publication, The Content Strategist provides content marketing news and analysis and most pressing industry questions. Another useful publication for publishing professionals looking to improve their content strategy.

31. Digital Publishing Blog

Digital Publishing Blog is the content hub for Canadian digital publishers and media professionals. Besides covering the latest industry news and events, they take extra efforts to profile individual professionals work to foster innovation and change.

32. Twipe

Twipe offers tablet publishing solutions for newspaper and magazine publishers. Much of their news and blog pieces focuses around providing insights around membership subscriptions and content development for better-paid content strategies.


33. Transom

You might be asking why a broadcaster might be amongst this list? Transom showcases others new public radio shows whilst offering training to new and existing professionals looking to improve in radio journalism and production.


34. Journalism FESTIVAL

The International Journalism Festival is a Journalism event annually held in Perugia, Italy. It provides free access to keynotes, workshops and panel discussions on the changing impact of media in Society. The festival provides many awards and has attracted on average over 25,000 visitors to hear over 300 speakers per year.



As a premiere fact tank, the Pew Research Centre inform readers on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world and deliver this through public opinion polling, demographic research, content analysis and data-driven research. is their media branch where they have covered topics such as the State of News Media, social media usage trends and more.



Andy Dickson is a media researcher who has been able to provide his unique perspective in data & journalism by critiquing news pieces and common issues facing the industry.


Jane Friedman has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in digital media strategy for authors and publishers. Jane’s blog is perfect to help people get started in journalism and dissecting the latest industry reports for insights and actionable tips.


Simon Owens is building an investigative journalism product through Patreon where he offers pieces on the challenges and trends of new media and media technology.



A Columbia Journalism School Institute, the Tow Centre is a center that provides journalists on the USA east coast with the skills and knowledge to become future journalism leaders. It’s research collection and report & briefings across all intersections are formidable and encourage digital journalism adoption.

40. TOW-Knight

Tow-Knight is a joint initiative of the Tow Centre and the Knight Foundation which supports startup news/media companies with practical training and events. They infrequently post interesting data such as how community news sites are generating revenue, making them a worthy inclusion to the list.

41. Better Ads Coalition

Ad Blocking is a growing trend due to the dissatisfaction of user expectations and distraction. The Coalition for Better Ads leverages consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new global standards for online advertising that address consumer expectations.



As one of AdWeek’s oldest blog, Fishbowl started out in 2005 with the aim of covering the ins and outs of media coverage in the United States. Since then it has expanded its weekly coverage across digital media industry and technology news updates, with its unique perspective on company culture.


A publishing project established with Joshua Benton (executive director) and the Nieman Foundation for Journalism in 2008, it explores to provide direction in the future of news in the digital age, uncovering startup and innovative solutions and products. Nieman Lab’s articles are thought-provoking and encourage its readers to literally steal the ideas they cover, in order to foster innovation.

44. Columbia Journalism Review

Columbia Journalism Reviews’ mission as a publication is to not only cover the requirements of excellence in journalism but also the media professionals, companies and technologies adjacent i.e. designers that can improve news and media Its content includes trends, analysis, professional ethics and stories behind the news.

45. Investigative Reporters & EDITORS

Investigative Reports & Editors is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting. News story ideas, gathering techniques, and sources are shared. Despite being a non-profit, it provides its members with all different content materials, events and training and awards as part of its efforts.

46. Centre FOR journalism Review

The role of the Centre for Journalism is to strengthen and inform the role of journalism ethics. The website offers an abundance of resources, from background discussions on the nature and history of journalism ethics to expert interviews and code of ethics manifestos.

47. Data Driven Journalism

As their website describes it “ is a hub for news and resources from the community of journalists, editors, designers, and developers who use data to support journalism”. Dedicated news, courses, events, and resources are available to quickly upgrade your data journalism skills.

48. Media Shift

Another long-standing publisher and originally part of PBS, Mark Glaser is running the ship by focusing on news, training, and events for local and traditional media publishers looking for digital transformation. MediaShift’s insight and analysis on the intersection between technology and media make it one of the most respectful publishers within the digital media landscape today.

49. College Media Matters

College Media Matters is covering how college media landscapes are playing within the landscape and one of the only sites that spotlight influential student journalists, journalism educators, student media advisers, professional journalists and others with college media connections.

50. Digiday

Digiday is another leading publisher that covers media, technology, and advertising, through editorial content, services, and community initiatives. One of its key strengths is its ability to profile individual companies and their initiatives on a daily basis and therefore leading news coverage beyond platform updates.

51. Adexchanger

With news and views on data-driven advertising, Ad Exchange is one of the media companies that can provide you a global perspective, due to its large number of opinion driven content from its contributors and research services it offers.

52. Business Insider

Business Insider business news focus and site aggregation partnerships benefit its advertising operations and digital media readers that are looking for breaking news in platforms. Business Insider also hosts industry conferences such as IGNITION, which explores the emerging models in digital media.


Editor and Publisher is a magazine publisher that covers the North American newspaper industry covering business, newsroom, advertising, circulation, marketing, technology and content syndication. Its’ website also curates content from other industry competitors in order to offer more breaking news.


Media Post is another publisher covering the media and advertising industries. It is significantly larger than all of the other publishers mentioned in this list and with this offers many verticals which cover that sector or channel more extensively i.e. video, search and programmatic.


Folio Mag is another publisher dedicated to providing publishing professionals with today’s media industry news, insights and best practices. Folio takes a different approach by breaking up specific verticals under umbrella sister brands.


The New York Times also covers the emergence of new media from leading tech companies, however, their journalists also cover culture and it impacts on society as well. This is another source you can turn to if you’re interested in receiving breaking news.

57. Adtech Daily

Ad Tech Daily publishes ad tech news, insights, interviews, reports and other updates from the digital advertising industry. One of the only publishers dedicated to ad ops professionals.

58. Econtent Mag

Econtent is another publisher that focuses on digital media, marketing, and publishing executives seeking information on the digital content creation, management, and monetization. Part of the Information Today network, it relies on leading contributors to provide tactical advice and insights.

59. State of Digital Publishing

State of Digital Publishing is a startup online publication that aims to bridge the gap between startup and leading media and publishing companies by sharing new media professional perspectives, news, resources and actionable insights covering audience development, technology, and digital publishing. It’s most popular piece so far is its yearly Digital Publishing Trends piece and interviews from Buzzfeed’s Rega Jha and Quartz’s Jenni Avins.

60. Exchange Wire

Exchange Wire is another publisher covering the interset of data-driven advertising and marketing technology and programmatic advertising for ad ops professionals. Exchange Wire covers market intelligence and emerging models across EMEA, APAC and LATAM.

61. Inside the Guardian

The Guardian’s blog on changes and updates to is another media publishing company providing transparency to their latest product innovations, following a similar trend of using AI and new technology.

62. POynter

Poynter’s non-profit newsroom informs their teaching and serves as a leading source of news about the people, organizations, technology, trends, and ideas shaping journalism and its vital role in democracy. Their reporters and contributors cover breaking news and bring understanding and insight to put industry issues in perspective.


Publishing Perspectives is the leading trade magazine for the international book publishing business, with daily insights and news from around the world. Industry insights, news and features available for publishers, literary agents and scouts, authors, service providers and publishing industry specialists.


Talking New Media is a publisher that unlike its competitors covers the entire digital publishing industry – books, magazines, newspapers and online content platforms. Its focus is on the fate of the industry and free press, covering all issues, perspectives, and news.

65. ADMonsters

Ad Monsters is a media organization providing insight to the future of digital media and advertising operations, through editorial, research, and events. Topics include multi-screen monetization, media operations, digital analytics, advertising technology, media billing and finance, and digital strategy.

66. The Drum

The Drum is another large publisher that covers the broader media industry, with their news, interviews, videos and in-depth articles focusing on newspaper, tv and radio implications.

67. Global Voices

Global Voices is a community-driven newsroom featuring over 1400 writers across the globe. Global Voices covers a broad spectrum of topics and from a media standpoint they well cover digital activism and it’s implications for the most marginalized and misrepresented communities.

68. Journalism UK is a news website for the changing practices that digital publishing and the internet has for journalists. The site also includes career advice and training listings, events listings, a service matching journalists with press requests and a press release distribution service.

69. Social Media Week

Social Media Week is a platform looking at the intersection of media, marketing technology, and insights in order to advance social media. In a growing trend, Social Media Week has evolved to be part publisher, part community, and part event holder.

70. Adage

Ad Age is a media brand focusing on curated creativity, data and analysis, people and culture, and innovation and forecasting in the marketing and media landscape. Established since 1930, it offers its own set of services, including awards, conferences and proprietary data.

71. What’s New in Publishing

As one of the leading B2B website covering the publishing industry, with a focus on the issues and technological developments surrounding the publishing industry’s evolution from print to digital.

72. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly targeted at publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, authors and the media provides pre-publication book reviews along with regular industry features and news updates.


Publishing Executive insight and analysis on the magazine media industry, covering topics from strategic management insight and digital publishing innovations to production, marketing, audience development and more.


Publishing Trends provides news and opinion on the rapidly changing world of book publishing in all its forms.Their people and best seller list roundups make it quick and easy to find monthly top performers.

75. PRess Gazette 

On a mission to provide a news and information service which helps the UK journalism industry do its crucial work more effectively, the Press Gazette provides also award the Magazine Design and Journalism Awards in multiple categories.

76. Current

Current is the nonprofit news service for and about public media in the U.S. and one of the only online publications focusing on radio and TV station news.

77. Flipboard

Flipboard is becoming one of this years leading news distribution platforms. Their blog section offers practical advice to get started on Flipboard and features interviews and daily recaps of popular content published.


78. Journalism Jobs is the largest and most-visited resource for journalism jobs and receives between 2.5 to 3 million page views a month. Dan Rohn has kept it a lean operation and includes career advice and tools useful for any job seeking journalist.

79. JOURNALISM Degrees and Programs

Authored by journalist Sean Flynn, Journalism Degree is a useful resource that outlines the common jobs, degrees, resources, and companies available when considering a journalism and media career. It’s blog section until 2015, covered people and culture within media organizations.


80. The Media Briefing

The Media Briefing is subscription media and information business that provides media industry insights and reporting. They have produced reports on the changing publishing landscape across multiple countries, the digital content economy, challenges in advertising, and the future of mobile.

81. MEDIA.INFO takes another approach in covering the media ecosystem. Directory and a news data aggregator for the UK, Ireland, Australia, Gibraltar, and the world, media professionals are able to uncover the latest in the radio, news, television and newspaper industries.

82. DML Central

Digital Media and Learning service a media resource that researches and analyses the impact of the Internet and digital media on education, civic engagement, and youth. It’s important to include them in the list as they provide a useful publishing model and approach for the upcoming generation of publishers.

83. Think With Google

Think With Google is the search giants research arm that provides forward-looking perspectives and behind-the-scenes looks at digital campaigns—across industries, platforms, and audiences. Many reports and tools are available for use.

84. Media Bistro

Mediabistro is a website that offers resources for media professionals. It publishes various blogs which analyze the mass media industry, including the film and the publishing industries.


85. Newsroom 101

Used by thousands of students and including the AP style handbook, Newsroom 101 is a great training solution for improving your fundamental writing and grammatical skills. It’s also available for professionals and as supplementary material for universities.

86. Mequoda

Mequpda Sytems is a niche magazine consulting firm. Don Nicholas and his team write about their method and advice based on their client learnings, which can assist in multi-platform publishing and audience development strategies.

87. NewsWhip

As a tech startup who leads by example, NewsWhip produces regular research, tactical advice and interviews on social publishing and content strategy for news publishers on its blog, using its social media monitoring and news discovery tools.

88. Tune Blog

As a mobile advertising martech company, Tune is the first to combine app and web measurement, and the first to measure performance on nearly every mobile advertising platform like Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. Their blog covers industry and company focused insights, analysis facing media companies focusing on mobile marketing.

89. PR Newswire

PR Newswire highlights the PR and social media aspects of journalism, through its regularly published advice articles and research studies. Distribution, storytelling and leveraging earned media are some of the things you can learn.

90. Cision

Cision, who is the parent company of PRNewswire follows a similar line of topics covered on their blog. However, it’s worth noting that it also includes best practices articles, trends, influencer, and media update posts.

91. Twitter

Read the latest campaign case studies and product updates on from Twitter; a platform many journalists and audience developers rely on for live story and social media publishing.

92. Facebook Media Blog

There’s no better to read on the latest Facebook publisher news, product updates and insights than Facebook itself.

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93. Coschedule

Coschedule is a marketing calendar tool provider. Their blog provides a wealth of information on content publishing workflows, content management, social media automation, and analytics. Their actionable tips are second to none and it reflects from their guest blog guidelines.

94. The Innovation Enterprise

The Innovation Enterprise is a business media company, providing specialist lead generation services, custom events, and custom research. They also specialize in Digital Publishing and run the well known Digital Publishing Innovation Summit.

95. Page suite

PageSuite is a digital, mobile and tablet publishing company offering products that help in development in these areas. PageSuites’ blog offers advice articles and industry event recaps that keep up to date with what’s going on in the industry.

96. Chartbeat 

Chartbeat is a content intelligence and analytics platform for digital publishers. Their blogs product, research, and industry-focused articles bring a unique perspective to looking at audience behavior trends and other benchmarks.

97. is an analytics platform for publishers that helps companies to understand, own and improve digital audience engagement through data. Their blog conveys issues faced by journalists today and analytics measurement and implementation best practices.

98. Hubspot

Hubspot has led the movement of inbound marketing and since 2006 grown its resources, blogs and training have helped digital media & publishing professional to grow their digital skillset.

99. Issuu

Any publishing platform understands the challenges behind distributing and monetizing your content. Issuu’s blog features interviews and post series gives you access to people who have been there and done it.

100. Sumo

Sumo App provides a suite of website traffic tools that can help build traffic and develop a more loyal audience. Their blog features epic long-form tactical guides that can help you get there faster.

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