What’s Happening:

A new metric for evaluating push notification strategies, Subscriber Lifetime Value (SLTV), has been identified through a study done by Marfeel. The firm conducted extensive research to find optimal push notification strategies for customer engagement to increase the value of push notifications. Using Marfeel’s automated push notification feature, MarfeelPush, publishers can generate an average increase in traffic of 6.5%, with some increases as high as 20%.

Why It Matters:

Delivering value means setting standards to make sure that push notifications remain engaging, and don’t cross the line into spam territory. With mobile users now accounting for the majority of website traffic to publishers, automated messages have become a popular channel for reaching users of a native app or progressive web app while the app is closed. Push notifications offer publishers a direct line to their audiences and a way to drive visits back to the application, even when it isn’t open.

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