NewsWhip announces the launch of the NewsWhip Research Center, a platform dedicated to demystifying the spread of news and information and providing insightful interpretation of the vast social data that surrounds us.

During the last few years, the need to fully understand audiences has been keenly felt by
communications & marketing professionals. A fog of complexity has emerged around how to tell successful stories; there’s a perpetual challenge to understand social platforms, algorithms, emerging formats, and industry trends.

With an infinite amount of stories and content across dozens of platforms, only the most
sophisticated enterprises will be able to identify and integrate this real-time data. We identified the human challenge behind interpreting this data into a strategy and built the NewsWhip Research Center to explain why and how people engage with content and ideas.
The NewsWhip Research Center (NWRC) serves as the central intelligence hub of NewsWhip.

Its multidisciplinary team is comprised of Content Strategists, Data Scientists, and Research
Associates from the leaders in academia.

The center’s mission is threefold:

  • To demystify the global trends impacting digital consumption;
  • To share these findings within the marketing, communications and research community;
  • And to support our Enterprise customers seeking to master content & communications with measurable impact by transforming this data into actionable insights.

“We’re going to crack the DNA of storytelling,” said Gabriele Boland, head of the initiative, “We already gather the world’s most complete data and insights on content engagement in the social era. it’s logical that we turn this into a full-time institution. I’m already looking forward to the discoveries that the team will make.”

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The NWRC will focus on generating research on vertical/platform and format trends: identifying the impact on global news cycles; uncovering the role of influencers and “white space” opportunities within key industries.

NWRC data has already supported analyses into social behaviors and the rise of misinformation from researchers at University of Oxford, Columbia University, Northeastern University, and  First Draft News.

NWRC reports will be available for all to download on a monthly basis at https://www.newswhip.com/newswhip-research-center.

The NewsWhip team have provided this press release and kind permission have allowed us to publish this.

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