Digital media companies that have received venture capital over the past few years have no doubt been new media entities or existing companies incorporating new technologies into their old strategies. So what does the range consist of and what can we learn?  We have collated data from the past 6 months, revealing the following 57 companies receiving venture capital (that have disclosed or announced the news) in the summary table below.


Total Funding
Last Funding
Last Funding Amount
Revenue Range
Business Models
Matterport Late $61.0M 2018-05-01 Undisclosed Sunnyvale $25M – $50M B2B
The Outline A $8 million 2018-05-02 Undisclosed
Mixcloud A $11.5M 2018-04-16 $11,500,000 London $5M – $10M B2B,B2C
POPxo C $11.0M 2018-04-26 $5,548,431 London B2C
Wondery A $5.0M 2018-03-29 $5,000,000
Podcast CastBox.FM B $29.5M 2018-04-25 $13,500,000 Beijing
Ad Lightning Pre Series A $2.0M 2016-11-15 $2,000,000 Seattle
AntVoice A $4.0M 2018-03-27 $2,479,605 Paris $5M – $10M B2B
Perfect Sense Digital Undisclosed Undisclosed Reston $25M – $50M
NewTV Production Services Undisclosed Undisclosed
FactorDaily Pre Series A $1.0M 2016-05-18 $1,000,000 Bengaluru B2C
The Ken Pre Series A $400,000 2017-02-17 $400,000
COPYLEAKS Pre Series A $1.1M 2018-03-28 $1,100,000 Tel Aviv
Bitmovin B $30.0M 2018-04-09 $30,000,000 Palo Alto B2B,Consulting
AudioBurst A $11.3M 2018-03-28 $4,600,000 Israel
Terragon Group Undisclosed Undisclosed Ikoyi
The Skimm C $28.3M 2018-03-16 $12,000,000 New York $1M – $5M B2C
Overtime A $12.0M 2018-02-14 $9,500,000 New York B2C
Berkeleyside Undisclosed Undisclosed Bay Area $1M – $5M B2B,B2C
The Dyrt Undisclosed Undisclosed Portland B2B
Samba TV C $45.7M 2018-04-10 $7,500,000 Bay Area $5M – $10M Advertising,B2B,B2C Undisclosed Undisclosed China
Maverick Pre Series A $2.7M 2018-04-27 $2,700,000
Freeda Media A $10.0M 2018-05-03 $10,000,000 Milan
Luminary Media Undisclosed Undisclosed
NewsGuard Pre Series A $0 Undisclosed
Substack Undisclosed Undisclosed San Francisco
Fairygodboss A $4.0M 2018-05-10 $3,000,000 New York B2B
VenueNext C $24.0M 2018-05-08 Undisclosed Santa Clara $5M – $10M
Uberflip A $44.0M 2018-04-24 $41,000,000 Toronto $5M – $10M B2B,SaaS
FuboTV Late $151.4M 2018-04-18 $75,000,000 New York $5M – $10M B2C
Mixcloud A $11.5M 2018-04-16 $11,500,000 London $5M – $10M B2B,B2C
PandoDaily A $6.7M 2018-04-16 $2,000,000 Bay Area B2C
IoT B $30.0M 2018-04-09 $30,000,000 Miami B2B,B2C,Marketplace
Asoko Insight A $5.0M 2018-04-09 $3,600,000 London B2B,Consulting
Bitmovin B $30.0M 2018-04-09 $30,000,000 Palo Alto B2B,Consulting
The Telegram A $850.0M 2018-03-30 $850,000,000 St. John'S $25M – $50M
MySpace Exited (acquired) $63.0M 2018-03-29 $63,000,000 Los Angeles B2C
AudioBurst A $11.3M 2018-03-28 $4,600,000 Israel B $204.0M 2018-03-27 $48,000,000 Kwun Tong B2B
AntVoice A $4.0M 2018-03-27 $2,479,605 Paris $5M – $10M B2B
Wizeline B $50.7M 2018-03-27 $43,000,000 Bay Area $5M – $10M B2B,B2C
CNBC Exited (other) $165.0M 2018-03-27 $165,000,000 New York $10M – $25M B2C
Cheddar Late $32.0M 2018-03-19 $22,000,000 New York B2C
The Skimm C $28.3M 2018-03-16 $12,000,000 New York $1M – $5M B2C
Sagoon A $10.3M 2018-03-14 $5,000,000 Washington D.C. B2B,B2C
Staq B $9.5M 2018-03-13 $2,000,000 Baltimore $5M – $10M
Conductor Late $121.2M 2018-03-06 $60,600,000 New York $10M – $25M B2B,SaaS
WTOL Late $160.0M 2018-03-05 $160,000,000 $10M – $25M
Current Media Exited (acquired) $26.0M 2018-03-01 $5,000,000 Bay Area $100M – $250M
REAL Pre Series A $1.6M 2018-02-27 $1,600,000 New York B2B,Consulting
Techmeme Late $119.0M 2018-02-21 $19,000,000 Bay Area $1M – $5M B2C
Carleasecom Llc 0 Pre Series A $3.5M 2018-02-21 $3,500,000 Chicago $1M – $5M B2C
Tunity A $12.0M 2018-02-20 $12,000,000 New York B2C
Indiatimes A $2.6M 2018-02-20 $1,000,000 Gurgaon $500M – $1B B2C
LiveLike B $14.7M 2018-02-15 $9,600,000 New York B2C
Globes English A $2.3M 2018-02-14 $2,250,000 Rishon Le Zion
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 Startups receiving venture capital reflect recent trends

From the list podcast, networks, women’s only media, high quality niche subscriptions, and local journalism/ad tech companies and outliers including OTT/Video and alternative social media expansion received funding. This reflects a plethora of events that have come into mainstream in the past year – The #MeToo Movement, Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook breach, reports of the NYTimes reaching 3 million paid subscribers, Google’s end to it’s “First Click” policy,  The Netflix Effect in having more publishers invest in TV/Streaming,  the rebuild phase of local journalism, and growth in Asia, all of which creates a vacuum of opportunity for startups to take entrepreneurial means in solving problems, whilst being profitable in the process.

Some of the recent investment news from these companies

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Cheddar raises $22 million to forge distribution partnerships with cable companies and expanding its streaming internationally
  • The Outline and Skimm have raised $8 million and $12 million respectively in order to bolster their sales and advertising teams
  •  Berkleyside have reportedly raised $800,000 directly from its readers, in a bid to sustain it’s community model driven journalism
  • Adlightning raises $2 million to further improve its Ad Quality tool
  • Freeda Media raises $10 million to expand it’s social-media first for millennial women model to other countries.

Are there underlying patterns for investing in media companies?

Trying not to over generalize, but you can see that mainstream adoption of a platform/system/technology, a situational event that can introduce a new concept or movement, and long term trend requiring innovation have stemmed the following investments to take place. Consider each factor mentioned and plot it against the product lifecycle for a given market, which is fundamental in determining the optimal times to invest.

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Image result for product life cycle

Source: Marketing Insider

What can be concluded in the digital media and publishing  space is:

  • Subscriptions have reached the end of the growth phase encouraging competitors like Bloomberg, Adweek and others to adopt this monetization system – but towards the shakeout.
  • Movements and needs of new media for verticals and under serving audiences usually happen right after the take-off of their growth phase from a viral event
  • Local journalism consolidation can be attainable at a time when the organization is in the decline phase through acquisitions or beginning it’s phase of re invigoration through a introduction of a new system,technology, approach or movement from high net worth individuals.

Each phase has it’s challenge and determination for the startup to become sustainable media business. We wish all of them good luck and the upmost success.


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