To determine what could be described as being the ‘best’ IT news site, you need to consider how you prefer to consume your news, and then look at the sites that provide the most useful information in a format that you enjoy – whether it is lengthy articles, or shorter summarised roundups. There are a few sites you could visit, whatever your preferred format is.


Itnews.com is at the forefront of all things technological, with comprehensive news, reviews, videos, slideshows, and newsletters from the world of IT, and the technology industry as a whole. Articles are from a team of writers based around the globe, and ITnews aims to provide its readership of IT professionals with up-to-the minute news from a varied range of esteemed sources including Computer World, Mac World, and PC World. The fact that visitors to ITworld are treated to impartial, accurate news on a variety of products and services as and when they become public knowledge, means that ITworld, whatever your preferred medium is one of the best all-round IT news sites available today. If you’re searching for a reliable, consistent source of fresh, industry related news then ITnews.com is an ideal choice.

The Register

Founded in 1994 as an email newsletter called Chip Connection, The Register is a British technology website that specializes in IT, software, emergent tech, personal tech, and security. The Register is the world’s most popular tech site with over 9 million unique visitors from all around the world, many of which are technology professionals and enthusiasts. A massively popular feature of The Register is the forums, known as the El Reg forums they provide users the chance to meet, discuss, and debate the latest in IT news and tech talk with like-minded individuals. If there’s a topic you’re itching to discuss, or you simply want to increase your awareness of emerging tech then Theregister.co.uk is the site for you.

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Computer Weekly prides itself on knowing what those in the IT sector need and want, and being able to deliver it consistently to readers of its website, and 200,000 subscribers of its weekly digital magazine. Senior IT professionals are the focus of the majority of Computer Weekly’s articles, articles that aim to help IT professionals make better strategy and technology purchasing decisions, improve their career options whilst also developing their knowledge and personal skills, and provide them with a range of tools designed specifically to help them connect with the people and information that they will require to be successful in their jobs.

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