Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Vancouver to keep an eye on.

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    DHX Studios

    DHX Studios is known as the biggest production, distribution, and broadcasting company in Children’s television genre. It has produced some of the most famous cartoon shows like Teletubbies, peanuts, Inspector Gadget and also has the largest media library of Kid’s shows. Born out of a merger the DHX Studios has created a unique world of animated characters for the kids of all ages. 

    Electronic Arts

    Electronic Arts is a premier American video gaming company. According to the market capitalization and revenue, EA is the second largest gaming Company in North America as well as Europe. It is established by an Apple employee, the company was a pioneer in home computer game industry. Electronic Arts has various labels under its name like- EA Worldwide Studios, EA Sports, EA All Play, EA Competitive Gaming Division and more.

    Broadband TV

    This Canadian giant digital entertainment company has the third largest library of video content in the world after Google and Facebook. It deals in creating bespoke content, managing it, distributing it, and also is working to monetize it. Operating since the last 14 years BBTV has leveraged the top-notch technological innovations only to bring the best of digital content to the audience. BBTV works for clients like Sony Pictures, NBA and Freemantle Media. 

    Postmedia Network

    Post Media Networks is a culmination of more than 140 newsprint and online media publications with a worldwide presence. It helps a plethora of businesses and content to reach out to the right kind of audience and is enlightening the way forward for a whole lot of audiences. The total outreach of Postmedia networks has reached hundreds of millions. 

    Glacier Media

    Glacier Media is the owner of several products all of which cater to the business information dissemination and product sharing platforms. The major industries addressed by Glacier Media consist of Agriculture, Property and Real Estate, Environmental Risk, and the sector of mining. In total, Glacier Media has 162 different brands which get cumulative of 1.44 million visits in a month. 

    Vox Media

    From SportsBlog Inc. in 2005 to Vox Media in 2011, the transition of this digital media company is exciting and amazingly fast. With its 6 brands, Vox Media covers the field of Technology, sports, games technology, food and lifestyle, and real estate industries. The financial proprietorship of Vox Media is strengthened through its ventures including Vox Creative, Vox Entertainment, and Vox Media Podcast Network. 


    SendtoNews is on a mission to help sports publishers and bloggers reach out to a maximum number of audience. They help them by providing no-charge video content. SendtoNews also allows for advertising platforms provided to the sports news and other types of content publishers and earns a revenue share from them. At present, they tend to more than 75 sports games and gathers a total of 200 million views from them in a month. 

    Hakai Magazine

    The Hakai Magazine shares stories, research snippets, and provide information about the science, about the society, and the environment from a coastal perspective. Funded by the Tula Foundation, the Hakai Magazine also deals in providing book reviews and has also bagged the 2019 best science and technology storytelling award. 

    Buzzfeed Canada

    BuzzFeed is one of the leading independent digital media company in the World. It has a massive network that includes – BuzzFeed Original (which deals with articles, lists, quizzes), BuzzFeed Media Brands (comprises of lifestyle brands likeGoodful, Nifty), BuzzFeed Studio (it creates original content for cable, film, digital platforms), BuzzFeed News (it includes reporting and Journalism) and BuzzFeed Commerce (develops experiences and Products).

    Discourse Media

    Discourse Media is a new type of journalistic news sharing platform which thrives on telling the truth. They reach out to the audience with their in-depth analysis of news stories and helps the Canadians understand the complex issues currently happening in the country or in the world. The Discourse Media shares non-partisan and impartial stories which make the people aware and informed. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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