Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Toronto to keep an eye on.

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    Rogers Digital Media

    A part of Rogers Communications, Rogers Digital Media is the owner of more than 52 radio stations running in the country and also has a huge presence on television broadcasting. Not only this, but Rogers Digital Media is also a pioneer in social media content, data analysis, and video creation.

    Blue Ant Media

    Blue Ant Media is a large production house with a global presence and has a wide array of operation both inside and outside of Canada. Blue Ant Media with its large network of operation provides more than 3000 hours of video content for the viewers and owns a portfolio of brands like Love Nature, ZooMoo Networks among others.

    Rouge Media

    Rogue Media is majorly a brand-enhancing company which has a wide North American presence. Rouge Media caters to different sections of the society which they have segregated into men, women, campus, and mobile solutions. Organizations like CocaCola, WB, GSK, McDonalds are the partners of Rogue Media and leverage from the company’s image-building solutions. 

    Bell Globe Media

    Internet, TV, Broadcasting, Radio and other sorts of digital media, The Bell Globe Media has a wide base of running operations in the country. Bell Media has 30 TV channels and another 30 specialty channels along with a basket of 52 radio stations and a huge digital media presence (200 websites and 30+ mobile applications). On top of this, Bell Media Group also has a studio for creating and distributing bespoke content. 


    Media Edge is an innovative organization which develops for the client unique products and solutions spanning from communications to product introductions. They work in the areas of digital publishing, conference and trade shows for their clients. Media has bagged several awards along with bagging awards for producing two top 25 B2B events in the country. 

    Maple Media

    Maple Media is a popular digital content publishing house in Canada and has the credit of publishing unique and widely accepted content for mothers through SavvyMom.com. Along with this, Maple Media is also known to run websites dedicated to men, food, and babies. 

    Toronto Star

    Considered as the highest circulating newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star is owned by the Torstar Corporation. This daily news publishing website has a wide area of operations and caters to Canadian demography as a whole. Sharing information and content which is specific to Canada along with a world-wide Coverage, the Toronto Star has an online, print and mobile application version for better reach out. 


    Complex is an online content sharing publication run in Toronto which caters to the modern age fashion and trends along with covering the pop culture of Canada. It shares information spanning from Music, Style, fashion, Sports, lifestyle, sneakers and also lists the different types of shows from Toronto. 

    Preferred Publishing

    Preferred Publishing is a dedicated magazine, catalog, brochure printing, designing, and management organization. Some of the magazines curated by them are The Invidiata Collection, MarQuee Magazine along with a few others. Majorly, Preferred Publishing works for the Small and large corporations working in the country. 

    Say Media

    Say Media has mixed technology with advertising and use innovative approaches to build brand-oriented advertisement platform that is sure to provide the best results to the clients. They also facilitate an online publishing platform for professionals to sell their advertising solutions and scale up the client’s business by leveraging the wide network of online websites. 

    Annex Business Media

    Annex Business is dedicated to helping all sorts of business organizations reach out to the maximum strength of stakeholders and customers. This media company has more than 60 B2B vibrant brands that will help the businesses reach out to their community through all sorts of mediums. This includes print, news, websites, online news, magazines, video, and audio content. 

    The Globe and Mail

    Canada’s Newspaper of Record, the Globe and Mail is a widely popular news sharing platform working both as a print media and online version. Owned by the Woodbridge Company, this news website, and tabloid has a large readership second only to the Toronto Star. 

    Toronto Life

    As the name suggests, the Toronto Life covers all the aspects of a common man in Toronto and publishes a magazine to share with them entertainment content plus information on politics, and life in Toronto. They also publish periodic dedicated guides that will interest the readers in real estate, food, drinks, city culture, neighborhood, etc. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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