Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in San Francisco to keep an eye on.

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    The Information

    The information is an online magazine which generally provides the reader with technology related articles. Additionally, their stories are also followed by major news companies like the wall street journal. This website brings the latest scoops from major tech companies like Apple, Snapchat and Facebook. Moreover, it is an independently owned publication but is also associated with a few sponsors for creating campaigns and advertisements.


    It is an online publishing platform owned by Medium Corporation. It provides a unique social journalism experience. The articles and blogs which are written on their site cover a wide range of categories. Moreover, they also provide a subscription basis platform to both amateur and professional writers, reporters and publishers. Here anyone can generate their online content through personalized blogs by subscribing to their services.


    CBS is a commercial broadcasting television and radio network. This broadcasting centre is a flagship company of CBS corporations. This corporation is a part of Viacom networks and was previously known as CBS inc. Further, it is one of the major three broadcasting television networks in America often called as the “Big Three”.CBS also provides video on demand services in collaboration with Amazon Video and Netflix. They also feature drama series of CBS on their website.


    Blavity is an American Internet media company and website. Further, their main motive is to support black lives so that they can live with dignity and pursue their work and passion. Moreover, their main focus is on site and subcultures rather than mainstream news. It also has a black women lifestyle platform named 21Ninety whose main focus is to address the needs of black women. They also launch summits and hold events to empower black lives in the US.

    The Athletic

    It is a subscription-based sports magazine which provides local and international related sports news. It provides coverage to 47 North American cities. They provide in-depth coverage to the NFL, NBL, MLB etc. The athletic also covers information about college sports. Further, they are also covering motorsports related news as well. Their articles are mainly a mix of analysis, news, and in-detail articles about sports and games. 


    It is basically a media platform for architects and designers to share their inspiration and ideas. This digital media platform is a collaborative space where various designers and architects can come and share their viewpoints. The website mainly has articles about various inspiring locations and their interiors. They also have a suggestive DIY ideas section. This website is free and is accessible to all looking for ideas and inspirations.


    The Fandom provides information about entertainment and has a community strength of 400 thousand community with 200 million visitors. On their website, Fandom provides the latest scoops about games, News, TV and much more. Further, users can also create a WIKI here which are basically blogs where other users can collaborate and contribute their viewpoints about the topic of your WIKI. 

    Bleacher Report

    This is a sports culture based website which is a part of Turner Broadcasting System. They also feature live broadcasting of major sports events online to their subscribed users. Bleacher covers major sports event such as MMA, WWE, and Football individually in detail. Moreover, the stream shows and publish informative content in their online magazine for all sports enthusiast. Also, they have an online app as well where subscription-based users can have access to all of its content including shows and live streaming.

    Red Tricycle

    Red Tricycle is an online lifestyle website which basically focuses on parenting and kids. Further, this website mostly contains information about fun events and workshops aimed at kids and parents as well. Moreover, their main motive is to empower 21st-century parents with ideas and information so that they can ace through their parenting journey. Also, this blog contains parenting related articles which help parents to manage their time between work, life, and kids. 

    Pando Daily

    It is an online news website which basically covers news related to the events of silicon valley. Further, they also focus on news related to the fields of technology and startups. Moreover, this news website company also owns NSFW corp which is basically a political humor website with analysis of political trends. It is a subscription-based website mostly provides information to its subscribers as the website is ad-free and subscribers are its only source of money and profits.


    Yelp is an online digital media platform where users can read and write reviews about local market places in the city. In this site, users can get information about the locality and nearby locations of shops and prices. Moreover, they also list the details of the services number and website of the shops as well. Moreover, they also operate an online reservation service named yelp reservation where you can book and reserve seats at restaurants and movies. 


    It is an audio design company which provides news, sports and entertainment related audio. It has a huge portfolio of 120K radio stations which is spread across 197 countries. They also provide live sports streaming, podcasts and music online to listeners as well. They have across 75 million listeners around the globe. Through the TuneIn website, listeners can access online live streaming of radios of other cities.

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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