Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Minneapolis to keep an eye on.

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    Minn Post

    Minn Post is a non-profit and non-partisan online news publication which strives to provide true to the word interactive content to the readers. They publish content from the most important aspects that matter in the life of every man. Politics, culture, Science and Technology, wellness, health and economy, these are some of the most important sections of Minn Post. 

    Southwest Journal

    This is like the community’s own daily feed of crucial information spanning from government sectors, local schools, community parks, and crime. The Southwest Journal covers all of Minneapolis’s 21 communities and thrives on authentic and reliable content published on their platform. 

    The Journal

    Published by Minnesota Premier Publications this online and print media tabloid focusses on sharing everything about Minnesota. The Journal is known for its award-winning news stories and also for keeping the people of Minnesota always updated with whatever is happening in the city. The Journal covers aspects of the lifestyle, music, food, art, cars, technology and whatnot.

    Twin Cities Pioneer Press

    Also known as St. Paul Pioneer Press, the name Twin Cities comes from the areas it serves every day. Twin Cities paper also runs advertising on their digital platform and the main segments covered by them include politics, sports, and analysis opinions. 

    Star Tribune

    Star Tribune is the largest news tabloid in Minnesota. Star Tribune Media LLC is also the proud owner of more than 8 online publications circulated in all over Minnesota. Some of the brands are City Pages, Star Tribune, Twin City Values, Top Workplaces, Speciality Publications, Golden Gavel. Through all these publications Stat Tribune has aimed to distribute top-notch info with the readers and in a manner which strikes the right chord with them.


    Periscope is an influential digital media company whose content is made to become a catalyst for change. Periscope is an independent publication which also helps companies enhance their brand image and devote all the resources to give result to what people love. 


    A broadcaster and a digital media company, Tegna is an amazingly fast-developing media organization spreading its wings all around the US. As a digital publishing house, Tegna excels in journalism and investigation of the truth. As a Broadcasting company, Tegna houses a large consumer base where they have an outreach of around 50 million viewership in the country. 

    Minnesota Daily

    Minnesota Daily is a non-profit student organization running from the University of Minnesota. This publication reports and shares the information and interactive content based on the University and a few other areas. MNDaily.com is the online media handle of this publication. 

    Game Informer

    Game Informer works to provide proficient information with respect to the gaming community. This online publication is owned by GameStop Corp. and brings forth news, articles, infotainment videos, reviews and other important stuff for the gamers. Added to this, Game Informer publishes the Top Charts lists and content that has become their defining factor.

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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