Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Los Angeles to keep an eye on.

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    Mashable is a global multi-media and entertainment company, which usually deals with content related to Technology and Entertainment. With 45 million unique views monthly, it is one stop global company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable count story share in every 3 seconds that includes brand content, media solution as well as creative technology. The company also publish video contents.

    Verizon Digital Media Services

    Verizon Digital Media Services prepare, deliver and display content to the viewers with World class technology. The company has acquired 2 renowned technology companies EdgeCast and UpLynk to change the way of the World experience media. 5% of the internet is powered by the company and it streams almost 150 million hours in a month. It claims to deliver great performance, global reach, powerful security as well as scalability.

    Prodege LLC

    Prodege LLC is an online brand that delivers rewards and content to 50 million members. The company is a flagship of 4 companies that are – Swagbucks, MyPoints, InboxDollars and ShopAtHome. It is known as one of the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles. It provides exposure to the brands by channels that includes – video, survey, shopping, discovery, games and much more.

    Crooked Media

    Crooked Media is a Media Company that deals mostly in political news. Founded by Barack Obama’s top staffers, it offers a network of podcasts of news, opinions, live shows and tours. The flagship podcast of the company is named as Pod Save America, which airs twice a week and has over 1.5 million listeners per episode. Along with Pod Save America, the company produces and distributes numerous podcasts like- Poda Save the People, With Friends Like These, Lovett or Leave it and many more.

    Los Angeles Times

    Los Angeles Times is popularly known as the LA Times. It is a daily newspaper that gather information regarding news, events and happenings. Los Angeles Times Communications LLC holds the ownership of the newspaper. With the daily readership of 1.2 million, it is one of the largest metropolitan daily newspapers of Australia.


    Scopely is an interactive entertainment and mobile developer company. It basically deals in entertainment, mobile games developer and publisher. It is one of the fastest growing companies in America. It partners with global entertainment companies and games developers to distribute free-to-play games. Here are some of its amazing products- The walking dead: Road to Survival, Star Trek Fleet Command and many more.


    Steezy is an online dance class that helps dancers grow by sharing knowledge and inspiration. It launched Steeze Studio to teach the world how to dance under the guidance of tier choreographers. They have various programs as per the interest of the candidates in different dance forms. One can subscribe to the channel and explore the dancing moves under ace choreographers.


    Hulu is one of the leading premium services that offer live streaming and on-demand TV as well as movies. As of now, the company has more than 25 Million subscribers in the US. It is the only service that provides instant access to viewers to current shows from each and every major Broadcast network of US. From other broadcasters to making their originals, Hulu streams all the amazing shows on TV as well as the app.

    Deluxe Entertainment

    Deluxe Entertainment Services Group based in America that creates, transform and distribute content. It is the leading content creator, distributor and OTTs to rely on. Even the company has recognised for 10 Academy Awards for scientific and technical achievement. Their client list includes top television studios, advertising agencies and digital content providers. Also, they have worked with the ace Motion Picture Group.


    SickDeals, as its name suggests, is one of the best and largest communities that is deal and coupon sharing site. They don’t sell anything but just a place to find the hottest deals posted by users only. It has almost 11 million users per month that interact with each other. Also, it is ranked in Top 100 visited sites by Alexa in the US.


    GirlBoss is a digital media company that is founded by serial entrepreneur and author Sophia Amoruso. The book named GirlBoss book that inspires a generation of women to take action in their own lives. The company has a team of amazing creatives, editors and technology professionals, who are working together to build that has never been built earlier.

    HelloContent TV

    HelloContent TV is a connection between creator, content and viewer. The company enables better creation of content as well as managing the curated platforms. Also, it ensures no plagiarism of content and enhances the experience of the viewer. It provides tools for online content for online as well as offline communities.


    TruePic is one of the leading platforms that enable photo and video verification. With each passing day, the company works on the technology that rebuilds trust in visual media. It helps Government agencies, News Organisations, Online platforms and Citizen Journalists to check out the authenticity of the photos and videos. The Washington Post, The NewYorker as well as AXIOS are some of their leading clients.

    Playboy Enterprises

    Playboy Enterprises is an America based global media and lifestyle company. The company’s media business segment manages content for print, social, digital, radio, mobile as well as TV platforms. The enterprise holds the publishing group (Newspaper and Magazine), Entertainment Group that includes TV, online and Radio. As well it has Spice Network, which consists of 12 digital networks.

    Merry Jane Media

    Merry Jane is a digital media platform that focuses on Cannabis. It delivers content that features on the politics and business of the Cannabis industry. Even it uploads original videos and database to identify the original product. With the reach of millions of viewers. The company has also produced scripted and non-scripted TV shows that include hit series ‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’. Also, it provides creative services and strategy for the brands that aim to connect cannabis demographic.


    BuzzFeed is one of the leading independent digital media company in the World. It has a massive network that includes – BuzzFeed Original (which deals with articles, lists, quizzes), BuzzFeed Media Brands (comprises of lifestyle brands likeGoodful, Nifty), BuzzFeed Studio (it creates original content for cable, film, digital platforms), BuzzFeed News (it includes reporting and Journalism) and BuzzFeed Commerce (develops experiences and Products).


    Civilized is a digital lifestyle publication that aims to raise cannabis culture. The company is reaching 2.5 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. Most of its visitors are youngsters who are keen on modern cannabis culture. The respective content of the company aims in the diverse interest of productive and motivated people who enjoy the recreation of cannabis. Even they act as an informative and entertaining resource for those people who use cannabis.


    BESE is a platform, which helps people to reshape and broaden the existing narrative untold stories of today’s America. It is founded by actor Zoe Saldana with the mission to broaden and reshape the existing narrative on the untold stories. It creates the multi-format cultural storytelling for the audience of Gen Z as well as Millennial, who are distributed over digital and social platforms.

    Walt Disney Company

    The Walt Disney Company is commonly known as Walt Disney. It is a multinational entertainment and mass media business entity. The company is in different fields like- TV, Films, Music, Video, Broadcasting, Publishing, Radio, Web portals, Games and more. They are basically known for cartoons like- Mickey Mouse, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. The company is also known for one of the biggest amusement parks and that’s Disneyland. 


    ATTN is a media company, who are creator, storyteller innovators and leader as well. The company primarily focuses on social media platforms i.e Facebook and Instagram. They generally produce entertaining videos on the tropical issue and it has a total of 500 million views on a monthly basis. Even their videos are now streaming of Apple music, Spotify, HBO Go and much more.


    It is an independent digital media company, which publish content about food and culture. With the vision that every food tells a story about it, the company focuses on accumulating the stories and present them in an entertaining way. It is one of the fastest growing culinary paradises in the World. From the ingredients to the making process, the best dining places to the stories from the families, the company writes about all of it.


    BrainJolt is a media company and engagement agency that specialises in attractive content and expansive brand lift. The company has reached almost 300 million users per month with their amazing content. 22 Words is their flagship site that has been ranked in 20 mobile sites in the country. MagiQuiz, Happiness Heros and Bad Parenting Moments are some of its other products. 


    The Fox Studios is a well known brand that focuses on production and post production services for the entertainment industry. Under the production service, it offers canvas room, costume, lighting set up, studio and much more. Whereas it also has sound mixing, screening room, ADR, Foley for Post production service.  The company is the outcome of the merger of Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures. It has their own radio, music as well as Motion Picture Film Processing. Titanic, Avatar, Deadpool, Star Wars, X Men, Life of Pi are some of the highest grossing films.


    IMDb.com is a place that keeps an online database record of films, TV shows, video games, home videos and internet stream. Also, it assembles the data of cast, crew, story, biographies and more related to the celebrities. The company is a subsidiary of Amazon and 83 million registered users on their site. The database of the site comprises of all the movies as well as TV programs and videos in it.


    NFL Network is the America based sports-oriented cable as well as satellite television network. It is a part of NFL Media and owned by the National Football League. It captures almost 61% of US households with their channel. The company also include NFL.com. NFL mobile. NFL Films, NFL RedZone and NFL Now. Along with just telecasting the games, it also showcases related content like special programs and documentaries related to the game.


    Uproxx is a digital media platform that caters news, culture and entertainment. The company delivers news from entertainment, sports as well as music field. It deals in the video, photo, audio as well as written content that is unique in its presentation. From being a shorter story or longer one, Uproxx aims to provide a knowledgeable content to its users.

    Junkin Media

    Junkin media is one of the leading entertainment companies operates in user-generated videos. The company first negotiate with the video owners and then license it for third party use or feature it under its own production. The company’s model includes discovering, acquiring and licensing of user-generated videos. Even the company provides licensing and clearance services to media companies as well as production houses. It also owns a variety of multimedia channels on platforms like- Youtube, Broadcast TV, Cable TV and many more.

    Hello Giggles

    HelloGiggles.com is entertainment and lifestyle website launched specially for women. The company is founded by actress Zooey Deschanel, producer and writer all along. Dedicated to women, it caters topics like daily news, career, food, style, friendship, love and more. Although as of now the website is acquired by Times Inc. Forbes itself called this website the best example of how online landscape for women is changing due to the effective word of mouth.

    What’s Trending

    What’s trending is a primetime daily live show that caters youtube videos and personalities interactive show. The show brings to the audience the hottest videos and great personalities of youtube on their show. It features best talk formats, live musical performance and few segments with guests to the audience. It has millions of youtube views as well as impressions on social media. 


    Knowable Magazine is a digital publication from the Annual reviews, which ensure knowledge accessible to all. The magazine explores the significance of the Real World to the work through of journalist lens. Be it agriculture, high energy physic, water security, biochemistry, psychology, the company reports on the current state of a wide variety of fields. Also, the content of the magazine is thoroughly researched, edited, reported and fact-checked. 

    The Advocate

    The Advocate is American based Magazine with the interest of the LGBT group. Along with the magazine, it also has a website related to the same. Although the magazine is printed bi-monthly and is also available by subscription. The website, as well as the magazine, focuses on the content of politics, news, arts, opinion and entertainment. As of now, the magazine is published bi-monthly only and use to release 6 edition per year.

    BoxOffice Pro

    The BoxOffice Prop is one of the premiere magazine and publishing house, which delivers first-hand information of the box office of World cinema. It is also one of the official publications of NATO (National Association of Theater Owners). Webedia Movie acquired the Film Journal and merged it into Boxoffice, which leads to its enhancement as a news and information leader.

    1105 Media

    1105 Media is a leading company in B2B service provider (Business-to-Business) information and media. They serve in markets to Government, Business Intelligence, Education, Compliance, Environmental Protection and many more. Whereas the product of the company focuses on Policy regulation, technology and news delivered via any mode of media- print, journals, newsletters, conference or more.

    Daily Journal

    Daily Journal Corporation is a leading American company that deals in Publishing and Technology. The company runs a subsidiary named as Journal Technologies. Los Angeles Daily Journal is one of the largest publications of the company. Here are some of the Newspaper of Daily Journal throughout the US- Business Journal, Daily Commerce, The Daily Transcript, The Record Reporter and so on.

    EA – Electronic Arts

    Electronic Arts is a premier American video gaming company. According to the market capitalization and revenue, EA is the second largest gaming Company in America as well as Europe. It is founded by Apple employee, the company was the earlier a pioneer in home computer game industry. The company has various labels under its name like- EA Worldwide Studios, EA Sports, EA All Play, EA Competitive Gaming Division and more.


    CBS is yet another world-famous digital media company which produces, broadcasts and distributes digital content to subscribers all across the world. News, sports, film, TV, Broadcast, Radio, Distribution, Magazines, products and network these are a few fields in which the company has its footprints in. One of the largest media companies in the world CBS has a powerful impact on the viewers.


    KOCE is one of the primary Public Broadcasting Service of LA (Los Angeles). As of now, it is merged with KCET but is primarily working as LA’s PBS station only. Here are some of the digital channel of the company- PBS SoCal 1, PBS SoCal 2, PBS SoCal World, PBS SoCal Kids and Daystar.

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    Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the ultimate list of smart technologies and free resources to boost your publisher SEO and content efforts.

    Join 3,000+ publishers around the world and get exclusive tips and resources delivered to your inbox.

    Being a part of the SODP Community has made a real impact on my problem-solving at work. From bouncing off paywalls solution ideas to thinking about an SEO strategy for my paywall, it’s the most value-adding professional community I’m a part of.

    Yvette Dimiri, Head of Growth, Stears