Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Liverpool to keep an eye on.

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The Reader

The Reader is a community focussed readership portal where it encourages the readers to come together and read together only to build resilience and drive away social isolation. The focus is on the diverse group of cultures and helping them to come together under one roof, where they can read together, also called as Shared Reading. 

BBC Radio Merseyside

The BBC owned radio station serves the regions of Merseyside, England and has a listener count of 288,000. The shows at this radio station target the young, adult and old aged population of the city with its various shows. These include music, food, entertainment and much more. 

Radio City

Currently owned by the Bauer Radio and working in the areas of Merseyside and Cheshire, Radio City has a wide listener count from within the city. Majorly Radio City broadcasts news and sports shows with a detailed talk on Liverpool FC and Everton FC. 

Nerve Magazine

Established by a local artist, the Nerve Magazine publishes content and other sorts of infotainment articles with an anti-capitalist profile. The major focus of this magazine on sharing the local culture, social activities, encourage critical thinking and promotion of the city culture. 

KVH Media Group

Majorly the KVH Media Group is a music production, store, and distribution house. Plus, they also cater to the TV, Media, and other radio show content for a diverse group of industries. What differentiates them from others is the use of high technology equipment and innovative approach for the client’s work and production. 

Crosby Associates Media

Crosby works as a contract published for various high profile organizations and government federations whereby they make sure that these publications have the right amount of exposure to reach out to the maximum number of readers well targeted for a niche business or industry. Some of their clients are London Chamber of Commerce, Timber Trade Federation, Federation Stone Great Britain, among others. 

Move Publishing

Move Publishing has a good history of publishing amazing content, articles, and editorials for the people. Their Your Magazine has been in circulation since 1999 and is successfully read by a large group of people. Majorly they cover the aspects of property, real estate, and investors. 

Digital Sport

Digital Sports is an online, mobile and tablet responsive sports magazine. This magazine aims to bring together the sports fans and the latest tech used in their favorite games only to help them understand the game better. Plus, they also hold monthly events on several hot topics emanating from the sports Industry. 

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