Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Hong Kong to keep an eye on.

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    Cosmopolitan HK is the women-oriented magazine which shares stories and other sorts of content for the female audience. It covers informative, gossip, news, entertainment, love, lifestyle, wedding, fashion, and beauty related content which is specific to the respective region which the magazine serves. In total, the Cosmopolitan is present in a total of 110 countries. 

    Beauty Exchange

    Beauty Exchange is a dedicated beauty and fashion related information sharing platform which caters to women of all ages. It publishes content that relates to grooming the self, beauty solutions, lifestyle and other sorts of content specific to women readers. 


    She.com is an online community of Asian Women and it is also an online website which shares the best insights for the Asian women and help them lead a healthy and beautiful life. Apart from sharing the beauty and fashion content, they also share insights about all the other aspects of life associated with a professional working woman. 


    The Hong Kong Economic Times is a widely popular platform in China and especially Hong Kong which caters to financial, business, market, commerce, trade, property, and entertainment & leisure news and content from the country. Mostly, the readers of HKET.com are from the business community, executive class, investors, and other middle class people who are most affected by adverse economic conditions. 


    AAStocks offers reliable and authentic financial stocks information for various stock markets, exchanges, and securities on their platform. They provide this information after going through a deep analysis of the important metrics on their website and mobile platform. 


    South China Morning Post is a popular news daily publication being circulated in Hong Kong. Owned by the Alibaba Group the SCMP was established in the year 1903 and is known for its wide coverage of issues relating to the political, economic and the business world. 


    Ohpama is an online directory made for the parents and students of Hong Kong which helps them decide the best school for studies. It enlists the best schools both regional, national, and abroad. Along with this, Ohpama shares interesting facts, activities, and other fun exercises for the kids to make studies more interesting. 

    Sassy Mama

    Sassy Mama is a research-oriented online publication which caters to parenting and helps the moms become a better parent. They collect the best in parenting from all the corners of the world before sharing it with the parents in Hong Kong. They share each and everything starting from food to a better health of the child and the mother on their platform giving it a touch of passion and love. 

    Apple Daily

    Apple Daily is a  newspaper originated in Hong Kong and distributed in Taiwan and Hong Kong and favors the universal Adult Suffrage rights wanting to make the country a pro-democratic. Apple Daily invites criticism of the Chinese government and has still become the second best selling newspaper in Hong Kong. 

    100 Most

    The tone of 101 Most is satirical and it is published as a weekly magazine in Hong Kong. Since 2018 it is being published only in the digital format under the name TVMost and has gained wider popularity. 


    The Baby Kingdom is one of the biggest parenting help websites in the country and has a huge membership portfolio plus database. It provides information about and for better parenting which is both supplied by the website itself and also allows parents to share their opinions. 

    Hong Kong Tatler

    The Hong Kong Tatler is a region-specific publication of the Tatler magazine which is owned by Conde Nast. It shares information and covers topics from fashion, and lifestyle along with covering the higher society and political framework of the country.


    Prestige is one of the first luxury and lifestyle Magazines in Hong Kong. Prestige has its presence in several Asian Countries and is owned by the Hubert Mudra Group. It focusses on providing news and information on the topics related to fashion, celebrities, culture, travel and the high society. 

    Men Club

    Men Club is on online publication focussing on men and is like a handbook for everything related to the man. It shares trends, news, fashion, lifestyle, grooming, sports, Automotives, money, power, and many other topics that target the manhood. 


    Esquire is a men’s online publication and shares content varying between different subjects. This includes information and news on style, watches, lifestyle, culture, men’s talk, gear, and people. Everyday Esquire publishes an interesting story or anecdote which is best for the male readers. 

    Forkast News

    The major focus of Forkast.News is to publish easy to read and understand information on Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DLT. The major focus is on leveraging the wide expanse of digital media to cover all the details and convey them easily to the audience at large. The Forkast team consists of expert journalists and veterans in Blockchain. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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