Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Glasgow to keep an eye on.

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    Think Publishing

    Think Publishing works to facilitate connections between magazine, content, and book companies to reach out to their audiences. With modern and effective methods Think Publishing strategizes, publishes, increases the digital presence, launch commercials and researches only to help their clients have the loudest shout out.

    Macmillan Media

    Macmillan Media excels in storytelling and with this amazing skill they have become one of the best media production houses in Glasgow. Owned by a former foreign correspondent of BBC, this video and film production house works for the clients spanning from the UK and Ireland. Macmillan media focusses on the message that has to should reach the audience and that too with a tech-driven approach. 

    The Drum

    The Drum is an online news and print magazine company which has its roots in the Asia Pacific Region. Revered as the biggest marketing website in Europe, the Drum shares content and insights related to the marketing niche with the readers and subscribers. In total, the Drum has won 23 different awards from various events recognizing their expertise and efficiency. 

    Channel 4

    Channel 4 is a part of a British Public entity names Channel Four Television Corporation. Established in 1990 this TV channel now airs in the whole of UK and runs famous TV shows for all sorts of audiences. From news to lifestyle and entertaining TV Shows, Channel 4 broadcasts a wide variety of content for the audiences. 

    The Herald

    The Herald has become the longest running national newspaper and that too in the world. Based in Scotland, the Herald has also initiated its online version which has considerably increased its viewership and customer base up to 41 million pages per month. The Herald covers each and everything that a 235 years old daily should report and share with the audiences. 

    Evening Times

    The Evening Times is mid of the day version of The Herald and is known to share interesting stories and content from the city. Owned by the Scottish Media Group this online and print media has been prevalent in the city for a long time. 

    Southside Media

    The Southside Media via its magazine and other publication methods covers a few parts of the Southside of Glasgow. The content they share ranges from improving the lifestyle of the community to sharing interactive and informative content with the readers. In total, the Southside Media covers the area of Wythenshawe and Northenden. 

    Primas Media

    Primas Media is the publisher of quality and community-driven content which focusses on customer retention and education. They offer magazines both print and online, and also bring out special editions which are unique in their approach and the content they wish to share with the audience. The magazines by Primas Media run under two heads, Able and Civvy. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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