Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Calgary to keep an eye on.

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    Daily Hive

    The Daily Hive is the largest online news sharing platform in Western Canada since 2016. Their Trending section keeps the readers up to date with what is making big news in the city and they also provide “to-do Things” articles for the local folklore. The Daily Hive works with the advertising revenue and they have also recently acquired Torontoist another similar web-based publication of the city. 

    Calgary Herald

    Owned by the Postmedia Network, the Calgary Herald is yet another vibrant online news publication of Canada. Running since 1833, the Canada Herald has a large strength of daily circulation and has information regarding sports, business, arts, life, careers and other important subjects affecting the everyday Calgarian on the website. 

    Source Media Group

    The Source Media Group leverages the latest innovations and new forms of content sharing methods to help their customers increase their market presence. They provide services for publications, produce consumer shows, and adds new forms of media into the mix for best results. 

    Star Metro Land Media

    Owner of the Toronto Star, Star Metroland Media is home to several other widely popular online and print media publications in the country. They leverage the power of the popularity of online media and use its easy reachability to help the clients reach out to the market. Due to this, they have become a pioneer of facilitating bespoke marketing solutions for their clients. 

    Maven Media Group

    Maven Media Group works as a complete makeover company and helps the clients circulate unique and customer-driven content on various platforms using the best technology and solutions. They work in content creation, Audio Video, Social Media, Broadcasting and other similar areas. 

    Shaw TV

    Shaw TV is a part of the Shaw Communications and runs popularly in Western Canada where it broadcasts several types of company-produces and volunteer produced shows. Shaw TV is only available on a subscription along with the internet streaming version of the same. 

    North Strategic

    North Strategic is a major organization in the field of building PR relations with the help of amazing content and digital solutions to improve the impact made by any kind of business. They have received several awards and recognition due to the future ready approaches and innovative solutions made out of the mixture of mass media, digitalization, and social media marketing. 

    CBC News

    A part of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC News is a modern age news sharing platform covering all the areas of interest from across the globe. Apart from the website, CBC news is also broadcasted through the TV channel and Radio station which covers both the regional and local aspects. Today the CBC News is the largest broadcaster of news and other related aspects in the country. 

    Redpoint Media

    Redpoint is a creative studio in Calgary providing effective media distribution services for the clients. The aim is to create engaging and wide-reaching content that seeks to inspire and inform the readers. Redpoint is the force behind the Avenue Magazine in Calgary and has bagged several awards due to their innovative approach and content-driven solutions. 

    Black Press Media

    Canadian made and based out of British Columbia, Black Press media is the publisher and distributor of 170 online publications. Black Press Media through its publications target all types of cultures, societies, and communities. They are known to curate the best kind of content with the help of top-notch journalism and cover all the digital mediums like mobile, online and tablet. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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