Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Bristol to keep an eye on.

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    Bristol Post

    The Bristol Post is a region-specific newspaper which covers the latest scoops of the Greater Bristol Area with the people. Until 2018, they only had a print version and started the online news publication in April. Bristol Post is owned by Reach Plc and reaches out a vast majority of people. Bristol Post is known for its ethical and authentic news reporting in the city. 

    Bristol Media

    Since its beginning in 2005, Bristol Media has become one of the most influential and biggest creative agency in the country. The motive of the company is to help their clients develop and build upon their public presence and help them grow. More than this they also help their clients develop jobs and enhance the skill levels. 

    Western Daily Press

    Western Daily Press is an important newspaper publication of South West England where it covers majorly the areas of Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire, and a few others. The online publication of this newspaper runs as Somersetlive.com. 

    Direct Local Bristol

    Four areas are served by Direct Local by four different Magazines which have print and online version both. Other than this, as a media company, they also indulge in helping their client for web hosting and flyer, leaflet printing and distribution. Direct Local aims to leverage the technology-based tools and methods and help businesses expand to greater heights. 

    Whats on Bristol

    What’s on Bristol is a group of free magazines which have a huge audience base in Bristol among the working class including Doctors, hotel chains, restaurants, supermarkets and much more. In total, there are 6 magazines under this banner and all of them are available via the print version and online version both.

    TechForge Media

    An Independent publishing company, TechForge is a pioneer of news content sharing on its websites and other types of a digital portfolio. The motive is to assist the marketers to understand the nuances of using technology for their benefit and share content related to it. Other than this, they also indulge in brand building and other sorts of advertising. 


    Sift is an accounting focussed content publishing and promoting organization which works independently and also closely with other companies. They give result to the content publishing through one of its spin-off organizations, Practice web and has become a pioneer in digital media services and other marketing ventures in Bristol. 

    IOP Publishing

    IOP Publishing is a science-oriented publisher providing magazines and academic journals to the readers. They also have own websites, hold events and conduct conferences to help the scientific community spread and share the word with each other. IOP publishing has up to 85 journals to their name along with a number of books, magazines, other sorts of conference series. 

    HR Zone

    The sole focus of HR Zone is to share content, views, insights, reports the HR community. More than that, they provide advice, recommendations, and a plethora of networking opportunities through their website. HR Zone keeps the HR community updated with relevant information and tidbits from across all the organizations.


    Not a marketing Agency, but MyCustomer is an online publishing service for all sorts of digital marketers. They provide the latest strategies, techniques, news, insights with the subscribers. MyCustomers also has a dedicated page for hot topics and addresses the whole community with their thought-provoking approach. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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