Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Brighton to keep an eye on.

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    The Latest

    The Latest is a media company in Brighton which deals in various areas including TV, Magazine, News and live events. They create, produce, share and distribute content related to a lot of subject areas in the city. Latest Homes is a property magazine and Latest TV has broadcasting rights for Brighton, Hove, Worthing, and South Chichester. Lastly, the Latest Records caters to Brighton based songwriters, musicians, and other performing artists.

    Plug-in Media

    Plug In Media is a digital production company which works for the clients and creates and produces amazing video content for them. Plug-In Media engages in making entertaining content which is made with artwork, animation, gaming, and interactive narrative. Most importantly, this BAFTA award-winning company personifies humor and vibrant storytelling.

    Off the Pitch Media

    Off the Pitch Media company works in the Sports industry and helps these type of companies to enhance their brand image. The major focus of this media company is to help its clients reach out to a maximum number of people. And for that, they provide brand reimaging, video and photo production services along with social media management and web hosting services. 

    Nice Media

    Nice Media is a dedicated video production company which indulges in creative customer-focused content. They focus on reaching out to the viewer and conform with their understanding of the concept. Nice Media can run campaigns, produce a documentary, shoot out a drama series, and also include the latest AI advancement into their production routine. 

    Gusto Media

    Gusto Media works with some big clients including Dove, Unilever, Arsenal, Google, and other similar organizations. They always strive to bridge the gap between the audience and the brand with their bespoke video content production. Gusto Media works in a unique which engages with the audience on a better and understanding level.

    Mousetrap Media

    Mousetrap Media works in two distinct fields, one being the online publishing business and the other is their photography services. With publishing the company works in editorial services for the clients. Mousetrap Media also works with journalism.co.uk along with providing editing services for several news, business, and financial publications. 

    Gamer Network

    Earlier called as Eurogamer Network Limited, the Gamer Network runs many games related websites and also indulges in games and video development. Gamer Creative is their in-house design agency and gameindustry.biz is where they aim to share everything new and insightful related to the gaming sector.

    Crucial Path

    Crucial Path is a gaming sector oriented publishing company which acts as a consultancy agency. The main work area of Crucial Path is to help publishers, developers, and other e-commerce platforms to bring out their product in front of the audiences with innovative and new age methods. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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