Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Birmingham to keep an eye on.

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    Birmingham Mail

    The Birmingham Mail has both online and print media publication. Owned by Reach Plc, the Birmingham Mail serves the area of Birmingham, the black County, Solihull, and other nearby locations. In terms of coverage, they have a wide expansive subject matter to cover. From the smallest traffic detail to complex news analysis and reporting, the Birmingham Mail covers a lot of ground every day.

    Birmingham Post

    This is one of the most influential newspapers operating in the city since 1857. The Birmingham post also has an online tablet form version with which it addresses the internet age readers. The Internet version of the Birmingham Post focuses on the business news and other sorts of information. With this, the company aims to recognize the upcoming entrepreneurs, emerging businesses and also provides business developing information. 

    BBC Birmingham

    BBC Birmingham represents the starting of BBC’s expansion. As a part of British Broadcasting Company, BBC Birmingham looks after the radio and Television stations in Birmingham. It is credited with the production of a few shows and radio talkie shows in the past. 

    Style Birmingham

    Style Birmingham is all about the city’s fashion, food, drink, and lifestyle. Along with the online publication they also have a print magazine which is circulated. This magazine shares content and stories ranging from the best in Birmingham to ‘what to do in Birmingham’ along with letting the readers know what’s trending in the city. 

    Swan Publishing

    Swan Publishing owns, creates and distributes several magazines in and around Birmingham City. The major focus of the company is to publish lifestyle-related content and stories. Among a few niches that they cover are local businesses promotion, article of local interest and other guides plus stories related to the city and surrounding areas. My Moseley and Kings Health, My Harborne and Edgbaston, My Solihull Center & My Knowle and Dorridge are the four popular magazines by Swan Publishing. 

    Open Box Media

    Open Box Media works for clients and assists them with printing and distribution activities. In printing, they cater to designing and production activities along with promotions. Open Box Media is an expert in publication makeover and aim to give a new image to their client’s work. 

    Kemps Publishing

    Kemps Publishing house is the owner of 7 print and online magazines being circulated in the UK. The major focus of these magazines is the business sector and the information relates well to the B2B operations. More importantly, they have published on a national level for organizations like the Chambers of Commerce. 

    Evolve Media Group

    This media group works in both consumer and business sectors and produce magazines and other tech-savvy digital products. The global expansion of Evolve Media Group has taken them to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s Wearable Technology Show has become a big event across nations with other similar events also brimming with popularity.

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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