Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Belfast to keep an eye on.

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    Belfast Telegraph House

    This daily news publication is owned by the Independent News and Media and published content with a unionist color. The motive of this newspaper is to maintain a connection between the UK and Ireland further aiming at a reunion of both. The Telegraph also publishes another magazine named Family life. 

    Botanic Media

    Botanic media is a full package media house company which is a pioneer in all kinds of digital media production facilities. Botanic Media provides top-notch services and production facilities for their clients. Apart from this, Botanic Media also provides services for event and media management.

    Macmillan Media

    Macmillan Media excels in storytelling and with this amazing skill they have become one of the best media production houses in Glasgow. Owned by a former foreign correspondent of BBC, this video and film production house works for the clients spanning from the UK and Ireland. Macmillan media focusses on the message that has to should reach the audience and that too with a tech-driven approach.

    Kantar Media

    Kantar is a global organization having a vast amount of experience in the media industry. The major work area of Kantar Media is recognizing how people think and use this intelligence to curate a brand-specific image which helps them grow. Kantar Media has specialists to develop the right kind of content for the clients. 

    Red Bee Media

    Red Bee Media through its services and CDN addresses millions of viewers on a daily basis. They help large and small media companies to manage their content and help them broadcast it to the right audience. With the help of leading technology and bespoke media sharing solutions, Red Bee serves clients like BBC, ITV, Sky, UKTV and many more.

    Independent News and Media Ltd

    INM is one of the most popular and expansive news media publication house in Ireland. It publishes and distributes regional and local newspapers along with operating a number of websites sharing knowledge and content across the world. Some of the titles operating the company have the highest circulation in Ireland.

    Flagship Media Group

    Flagship Media Group majorly works for those publishers, both online and print-based which share information, articles and other types of content for the affluent section of the society. Due to their efficient and creative works, Flagship Media has won several awards recognizing their proficiency.

    Penton Publications Ltd

    One of the largest and most popular publishing houses in Ireland, Penton Publications Ltd. has become a pioneer in providing several industry specific magazines and online websites for the audience at large. Publications like the Neighborhood Retailer, Wedding Journals and a few others cover some niche and other comprehensive aspects of the country and its culture.

    Belfast Media Group

    This a weekly news publication group and also has online presence through its websites. A major publication Andersontown News in Ireland is also a part of the Belfast Media Group. The publications feature news and other types of information from a number of topics including news, sports, lifestyle, and much more.

    Sync NI

    Sync NI is both a print magazine and an online platform which shares information about everything latest in the business world. Plus, it also has a column to share the job opportunities in and around Ireland. They also help the clients reach out to their niche customers via providing them content and social media marketing solutions.

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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