Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Auckland to keep an eye on.

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    Media Works

    Mediaworks in a comprehensive digital media company in New Zealand with operations in Radio, TV and online media. They have 10 national radio channels, close to 20 websites along with 3 local radio stations. They also own, operate and broadcast on 8 TV channels spanning from themes of lifestyle, music and a few others. 

    New Zealand Media and Entertainment

    NZME is a unifying media and entertainment company for the Kiwis and every day it reaches to almost 3.2 million New Zealanders. In total, NZME is responsible for running radio stations, newspapers and a number of websites all of which are catering to different types of market in the country. NZME also provides digital media services for the clients via content, video and audio services. 

    Bauer Media Group

    Bauer Media is Australia’s driving multi-platform publisher, with investments crossing magazines, digital and live experiences. The portfolio of Bauer Media combines some of the country’s longest-running and most thriving brands. Bauer Media also provides news on its website. The company has many advertising solutions that meet the company’s market share and profit-maximizing objectives. It focuses on the brands, ad specs, insights, commercial content, case studies, solutions, and news. In total, Bauer Media published and circulates 600 magazines, has more than 50 radio stations under its kitty and has some best selling magazines across the UK and Australia. 

    Times Media

    The Times Media Group is the publisher and distributor of several newspaper publications and other sorts of services in the country. Majorly they cover topics from politics, international events, sports and other feature articles that are of interest to the common man. Apart from this, Times Media also provides rebranding and identity development services for the clients to enhance their brand image.

    Mclaren Brown Media

    Mclaren Brown Media is a full digital services provider in New Zealand working specifically for the Marine and Tourism industry of the country. They provide customer-friendly and interactive solutions for the clients viz tourism media promotions, developing maps, mobile application development, and other publication services. 

    The New Zealand Herald

    The NZ Herald is the most popular daily newspaper published in the country and is owned by the New Zealand Media and Entertainment. The online website NZ herald began in as early as 1998 and has tremendously increased the total viewership, along with winning several awards on account of the website’s design. The New Zealand Herald is also the largest newspaper publication in the country. 

    Rhema Media

    Rhema Media is a Christian-affiliated media group operating in the country and working in radio plus TV broadcasting. There are three radio stations and one TV station that is running under the Rhema Media banner. They are also the publisher of one devotional publication targeting both the youth and adult population of the country. Rhema Media operates the first radio station in the country which uses Satelite Technology to reach out to the paid subscribers. 


    TVNZ is a government-owned television network with a fully commercial work structure and broadcasts in the country along with a few Pacific regions. The TVNZ has in total 4 TV channels out of which three broadcasts stories, adventures and other sorts of entertainment media while the fourth one is a news channel. Plus, they also have a radio station for children along with running an online entertainment website for all types of audiences. This brings the total viewership of NZTV to 2 million a day. 


    Movie fans love flicks as it provides them everything they need to know on one single platform. Flicks is an online publication for all types of cinema for the public. Basically, it is a movie guide enlisting all the movies and cinemas on the website along with suggestions and shareable content for the readers. It is also an online portal for booking the movie tickets to further smoothen the customer experience. 


    This is a purely informational website for the Kiwis and helps them understand all sorts of interest rates and enables rates comparison. More than this, it has become a pit stop for gaining insights about the banks in New Zealand. It also publishes helpful and informative resources, the latest in financial New Zealand along with covering each and every aspect which relates to money and savings of an individual. 


    Yahoo NZ is the nerve of New Zealand and shares each and everything that is going on in the country right now. It also features a ton on entertainment content for the people and allows for an amazing experience via the audio, video and other forms of digital content provided on the website. YahooNZ covers almost every subject and shares the required and latest stories and events from that niche for the readers and visitors. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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