Digital media and publishing are constantly changing. Every new media and technology released, every shift in audience trends provides new areas for connecting and monetizing audiences. Here are the top digital media publishing companies in Atlanta to keep an eye on.

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    Turner Studios

    Turner Studios is a creative agency which aids in providing interaction between advertisement agencies and audience. Turner Studios is a high-end production and post-production facility which helps all the channels of Turner broadcasting system such as CNN, Cartoon Network, etc. They basically thrive on the wide gap between technology and entertainment providing production services to turner’s profile. They have a talented and creative staff who team of talented and creative staff who loves taking risks.

    Cartoon Network

    It is an American animation studio which is owned by the Warner Bros Entertainment. Cartoon network studios operate a very popular cable channel worldwide. This channel reaches up to 99 million US households and also broadcasts worldwide. Cartoon Network is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System. Additionally, Cartoon Network Studios also distribute video content and games online. It was basically a division of Hanna Barbera cartoons, Inc which later merged with Warner Bros. 

    Turner Broadcasting

    It is a former American television media company which later merged with AT&T and Time Warner. Some of the major television companies are a part of its network like TBS, CNN, TNT, cartoon network, Adult Swim, etc. This company had also licensed and owned some of the international versions of these television companies. Its channels are now divided into two parts Warner Entertainment and Warner Media. Warner entertainment features its entertainment channel whereas warner media features its news and sports channel.

    Georgia Public Broadcasting

    It is a state network for PBS member television stations operating in the US state of Georgia.  Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission is the operator of this broadcasting system, It also holds the licenses for the PBS and NPR member stations licensed in the state of Georgia. Moreover, their broadcasting signals of nine television stations and 19 radio stations cover almost all the parts of Georgia.


    It’s an American telecommunications media company and is also the second largest company in the world by revenue. Comcast basically provides services to the US residential and commercial customers. Further, they have also produced a few feature films and television programs for theatrical exhibition. Moreover, Comcast is the largest cable provider in the USA with its broadcasting spread across 40 states.

    Cox Media Group

    The Cox Media Group is a subsidiary of the global conglomerate Cox Enterprises. Being an integrated broadcasting, publishing and digital media company, it owns newspapers, TV and radio stations, cable networks, etc. Also, this award-winning group has a team of broadcasters, journalists, publishers, digital media experts, etc that help serve a user base of more than 50 million Americans.

    Cumulus media

    It is the third largest owner and operator of AM and FM radio stations of the United States. Cumulus is basically a radio broadcasting company with 446 media stations spread across 90 media markets. Atlanta office of Cumulus media is its headquarters. The company has many subsidiaries named Cumulus Broadcasting, Cumulus Licensing, and Broadcast Software International.

    DISH Network Corporation

    It is a US television provider. Moreover, It is also the owner of direct broadcasting satellite DISH. Also, they own over the top IPTV service. DISH Network Corporation also manufacture their own satellite and signals receivers which they provide to their customers through which for receiving satellite signals. The Dish Network Corporation is best known for responsive and flawless services.


    It is a global digital media company specializing in radio, live events, mobile, and on-demand services. This media company was formerly known as CC media holdings. They mainly specialize in radio broadcasting. iHeartMedia has the largest radio and television outlet coverage in America. Moreover, it has over a billion monthly listeners in America and also provides its services across 31 countries.

    Mother Nature Network

    Mother Nature Network is basically a news website with information about current affairs and sustainability. Further, the major focus of the website is about environment and ecology. Moreover, it’s a flagship company of Narrative Content Group. It also works with a wide range of non-profit groups in the wake of trying to make this world a better place. Mother Nature Network is also the world’s most visited network for nature-related news and information. 

    Connect with local publishing professionals in your area.

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