Golfweek, was founded in 1975 and was the flagship of Turnstile Publishing Company, now it will join the USA TODAY Sports Media Group, effective immediately.

Golfweek’s industry-leading editorial team, events business, and Golfweek Custom Media, as part of the acquisition, will bolster the USA Networks sports portfolio, it also helps produce leading events across the PGA, LGA and Ryder Cup events.

Latest trends signal an ongoing digital publication industry consolidation, through the merger and acquisition of niche publications to larger media companies. Implications from larger corporates have resulted in the resurgence in local grassroots media, to facilitate the local talent vacuum taking place.

Gannett’s is in the latest strings of buyouts, including the ongoing pursuit of Tronc and its dominant daily newspapers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Orlando, Baltimore as it seeks toward corporate consolidation of news.

“The acquisition of this premium brand will accelerate Gannett’s efforts to be a leader in the golf vertical by adding Golfweek to For The Win! Golf and USA TODAY Golf and the NETWORK’s more than 5 million unique monthly avid golf fans,” Gannett said in a statement.

Golfweek’s headquarters will remain in Orlando, Florida with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and McLean, Virginia (where Gannett is headquartered).

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