To publish like established media companies is an ambitious goal of many organisations today, big or small. Livingdocs, a startup based in Zurich, now makes exactly that possible for everyone, with its “headless CMS”. With customers such as the NZZ Media Group, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Swisscom, the startup holds a wealth of industry experience, now readier than ever to innovatively freshen things up.


The world of media is strongly challenged by digitisation. There are discussions about artificial intelligence and blockchain applications, but many media companies are still faced with more fundamental challenges: the smooth production of publications. And “publish or perish” is no longer a declaration just for the sciences – today companies of all fields are compelled to publish.


“Headless” is the new trend

Livingdocs makes it possible with its innovative “headless CMS”. A headless CMS decouples the presentation from the content creation, providing the greatest possible independence and agility for companies, especially with regard to mobile applications and channels such as TV, smart hardware or social media. What distinguishes Livingdocs from other “headless CMS” suppliers greatly is its convincing user experience (UX), which is similar to that of the blogging platform Medium or WordPress’ Gutenberg Editor.


Developed with experts

The features of Livingdocs were tested and developed in a high class professional media environment, similar to the editorial solution “arc” of the Washington Post. They meet the demanding requirements of major media companies, such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung or the NZZ Media Group, both already among many satisfied customers of Livingdocs. “Livingdocs is the foundation of NZZ’s digital infrastructure,” says Andreas Bossecker, CTO of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, which has also invested in Livingdocs. In close cooperation with Swisscom, the news platform Bluewin.ch and the home entertainment offer of Swisscom TV were successfully converted to Livingdocs.

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