PostUp, a leading email and audience development solution company, today announced the addition of browser push functionality to the PostUp technology platform, empowering publishers to grow, engage, and monetize their audiences more effectively.

This solution enables publishers to engage their visitors directly, without requiring them to sign up for emails or download an application. Publishers can use this direct connection to drive more traffic back to their site, where they can then generate ad or paid subscription revenue.

“We are proud to be the only ESP focused on delivering business outcomes for the publishing industry, and the addition of browser push further strengthens our client’s direct relationship with their audience,” said Tony D’Anna, CEO of PostUp. “In an industry where declining programmatic ad revenue, platforms, and ad blockers continue to cut into publisher revenue, we are thrilled to provide publishers with a new channel to grow and reach their known audience while collecting valuable first-party data.”

“A browser push notification is a powerful engagement tool because it is functionally identical to app notifications: they appear on your home screen and buzz your pocket. But they don’t require an app download, or even that the publisher has an app at all,” said Keith Sibson, VP of Product and Marketing at PostUp. “For publishers, audience penetration by apps is less than 5%, but in the past year browser support for push notifications has become near universal on mobile and desktop, so this is a new green-field direct channel opportunity for publishers.”

Browser Push notifications give publishers an immediate link to their audience, no matter where they are, allowing them to:

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  • Grow their direct audience with a lower-hurdle opt-in than app downloads or email.
  • Access the audience instantly without the technical demands of app development.
  • Keep audiences engaged by placing their content where they’re most likely to see it.
  • Drive more traffic through publisher owned channels and decrease reliance on platforms.
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