What happened?

Outbrain,  a native advertising company that brings readers closer to their desired stories via targeted ads, has extended its services to publisher’s newsletters. This new integration, which was announced on November 6, 2019, helps publishers generate more money via newsletters. Outbrain started with web pages; then, mobile apps; and currently, newsletters.

Why it matters

Day by day, Outbrain is coming up with innovative ways of paying publishers. Outbrain is famous for connecting advertiser’s needs with publisher’s services. The advertising company pays publishers based on a RPM or cpc modely.

Monetizing newsletters is a win-win for advertisers and publishers. The new extension would help advertisers reach more people that may be ‘not so active’ online. Also, publishers get to generate more funds from not just Web pages and mobile apps, but also newsletter networks.

Digging deeper

Outbrain Ads can now be displayed on newsletters via HTML formats, thanks to Ividence. Ividence is a leading European company that specialises in newsletter AdTech. The new integration is a result of Outbrain and Ividence partnership.

The unique feature of this extension is that it enables publishers to generate money offsite. For publishers, newsletter ads is a way of tapping into undisrupted funds with non-disruptive  native placement ads.

According to Victor Charpin, Head of Platform at Outbrain. ‘With the integration of placements in newsletters, we are creating a unique opportunity for advertisers to have direct access to a highly engaged publisher audience when they are in a prime content consumption mode.’

Bottom line

Publishers, who don’t like intrusive ads can now opt-in for the non-intrusive discovery ads. Sites with massive fans, who are loyal, would have no problem generating more funds with this newsletter extension.

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