Lotame Unveils Unstacked Approach to Data Solutions for Publishers, Marketers & Agencies

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    Lotame, the world’s leading unstacked data solutions company that helps publishers, marketers and agencies find new customers, increase engagement, and grow revenue through audience data, today announced new product and personnel moves that reinforce its unstacked approach.

    Among publishers and marketers, the need for data-driven solutions has exploded. For publishers, data powers advertising in programmatic and direct channels, across all formats and inventory types. Data can also fuel audience development, content development and consumer marketing, enabling publishers to scale users and revenue. For marketers and agencies, data unlocks new customer engagement and acquisition opportunities through smarter and more efficient multi-channel marketing. On both the sell and the buy-side, the potential applications for audience data are exploding and diversifying. As a result, the demand for one-size-fits-all martech stacks is shifting in favor of specialized data solutions.

    “Five years ago, a publisher or a marketer would take stock of their data needs, then tap an unwieldy one-size-fits-all provider for support,” said Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame. “Today’s data use cases are more varied, complicated and sophisticated than ever. The “stacked” DMP is usually a feature of a much larger Rube Goldberg machine that is underprioritized, underinvested, underdeveloped, and neglected. This has made the stacked DMP obsolete. Publishers and marketers demand more flexibility and tailoring. Data technology partners have to provide a diverse portfolio of solutions and capabilities that cater to specific needs.”

    In addition to its core data management and data exchange products, Lotame has developed data solutions for its client base, which includes some of the world’s biggest marketers, agencies, and publishers such as IBM, Universal McCann, and Tribune Publishing. As demand for specific solutions continues to grow, Lotame has been a leader in building bespoke, unstacked solutions leveraging DMP technology, data solutions and data marketplaces. With today’s announcement, Lotame will now formally productize these tailored solutions, making them widely available to all new and existing clients.

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    “Our independence has allowed us to build products that are in the service of our clients,” added Monfried. “We have an incredibly flexible product architecture that is uniquely positioned to satisfy the needs of the marketplace. While the large martech companies focus on stacking media experience tools on top of their DMPs to grow revenue for adjacent business lines, we’ve gone the other direction to help clients growtheir revenue. We unstacked our solutions to give enterprise clients the ability to mix and match tools and capabilities in a cost-effective manner based on specific need.”

    “Using Lotame’s unstacked approach is essential for a large global organization like ours,” said Tanya Coss, Audience Application Lead at IBM. “It allows us to pick and choose the right tools for our data needs, giving us the ability to create more informed marketing campaigns and improve our business results.”

    As an example of its new approach, Lotame announced wide release of Data Stream, the company’s Data Firehose as a Service (DFaaS) product. Today, there are publishers, marketers and agencies who are creating competitive advantage by assembling their own technology architecture to channel data for consumer, campaign, and content insights. With Data Stream, clients gain access to: 1) an always-on firehouse of their own first-party data; 2) consumer attribute and behavioral enrichment data from Lotame’s global data marketplaces; or 3) Lotame’s Device Graph and ID mapping data, which connects customer data across devices and platforms, driving engagement anywhere and on any screen. The Data Stream DFaaS product gives enterprise companies and their data science teams the data they need to fuel their marketing technology infrastructure, all in a completely scalable and privacy-compliant manner.

    “Data Stream is a proof point for our new, unstacked approach to data solutions,” said Monfried. “With this announcement, we are effectively giving companies firehose-level access to the guts of the Lotame platform with direct access to the data and functionality that underpins a DMP. The large martech stack providers are walled gardens, holding consumer data within their applications, while we are making it easier for enterprise clients to directly access and analyze their highly valuable consumer data. No one else is doing anything like this today. Data Stream is one of several new unstacked solutions we are bringing to market on a wider basis.”

    Lotame has also appointed industry veteran Adam Solomon as Chief Marketing Officer to lead strategic marketing and product development for Lotame globally, supporting worldwide demand for the company’s new unstacked approach to data solutions.

    “Adam is a marketing and product leader with extensive and diverse experiences helping publishers, marketers and agencies solve business challenges through the creative application of data and technology,” said Monfried. “He is an innovative and proven problem solver who fits perfectly with our solutions-oriented mindset. We are excited to have him as we partner with our clients to productize new tools and bring to market.”

    Adam comes to Lotame after serving as Chief Product Officer at programmatic direct mail innovator, PebblePost. His prior experience includes roles as general manager for Hearst’s programmatic and data solutions division, Core Audience, and leading digital ad product solutions at Time Inc. and Viacom Media Networks. He has been an aerospace engineer, patent attorney, martech entrepreneur, and is a co-inventor on 4 issued U.S. patents related to interactive video advertising technology.

    “I have spent a career helping companies of all stripes solve complex marketing challenges with creativity, technology and data,” said Solomon. “At Viacom, Time Inc, Hearst and PebblePost, I helped bridge digital and analog media platforms in ways that recognize how global audiences consume media, and the challenges publishers and marketers have to engage consumers where they are, with relevant messaging and information. I am excited to join Lotame, whose unstacked approach is exactly what the industry wants and needs today.”



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