What’s happening?

Rumor has it that Google is planning to acquire Firework, an interactive video platform that was estimated at $100 million in the concluding investment round earlier this year. The Firework platform was founded by Jerry Luk, creator of Linkedin mobile, and Vincent Yang, CEO of Firework.

Digging deeper:

Firework is an app that – ‘allows users to create and edit 30-second videos within the app and then post them to a public social network’ (Liz Sommer 2019).

One of its many outstanding features is the reveal feature. The reveal feature gives firework users an array of viewing options that changes perspectives on rotating the device. It fuses vertical and horizontal video formats into a distinct and magical viewing experience.

Like TikTok, Firework gives users the freedom of spicing their video recordings with music, making Firework app a direct competitor. Little wonder Google is after Firework.

Currently, Firework is free and available for both android and iOS users. Iphone users can film footage with the front and back cameras when making videos on the Firework app. This feature with the aforementioned features makes Firework a promising video media app.

According to Liz Sommer, a media studies major, ‘Some famous former viners including illusionist Zach King as well as influencers and YouTubers have joined Firework and regularly post videos there.

Like Google search and Facebook algorithm, firework algorithm studies users interactions and matches people with the content they like. Firework requires users to pick their favorite ‘themes’ on signing up.

While some of these themes and topics are standard social media categories, the selection is somewhat sparse and specific’, wrote Liz.

The theme options span from creativity to lifestyle, adventure, and entertainment. Each theme encompasses several sub-themes. For instance, music, painting, drawing, and Hip-hop falls under the creativity section.

To use Firework, you ought to be 12. The app asks users for their age when signing up though there’s really no serious verification afterwards. Also, Firework stores some data about their users and according to their privacy policy; nothing stops them from handing it over to their partners and third parties. In other words, your information is not safe.  Read that again.

Bottom line:

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The ‘ongoing’ negotiation between Google and Firework founders remains unverified news that needs to be debunked or confirmed by the parties involved.

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