The Nielsen Australian Digital Publisher Ratings for December 2016 is out, with the Yahoo7 & Seven Western Media alliance further edging out Fairfax Media, its nearest competitor, in terms of monthly unique visitor audience size.

What is evident from audience numbers is the proliferation of digital products hosted on a single media platform attributing the main reason behind why the media publisher commands the overall top position, however its growth areas (and digital transformation opportunities) lie within regional content properties and video streaming sites, signalling the popularity of content on demand solutions.


Commenting, Clive Dickens, Seven West Media’s Chief Digital Officer, said: “Right across Seven West Media all of our businesses and teams are seeing record audiences online from PLUS7 to 7 News, Pacific to Yahoo7 and The West to 7 Sport. With the return of 7 Tennis next month and the inclusion of Perth Now as part of a totally re-launched WAN platform we expect to widen the gap as number one next year”.

What is also surprising to see is Cricket Australia being ranked amongst the top 10 Australian digital media publishers. This has started in 2015 as part of the sports overall digital transformation strategy. Finn Bradshaw, Cricket Australia’s’ Head of Digital, said: “Increasingly we’re becoming a content production house ourselves. We will live stream well over 100 days of cricket this year, it may well be closer to 200, and we’re doing that ourselves.”

“We want as many people as possible to be able to engage with the sport, and to try and remove as many barriers as possible between fans and the great content,” Bradshaw adds. “Cricket fans across the world, whatever country you are in, are able to watch Australian cricket.” (source: CIO.com)

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More information Seven West Media’s ‘ performance results from the Nielsen ratings can be found here with the full review presentation below.


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