For the month of November, The Adobe Digital Insights team through aggregate data from social mentions, and as they’ve mentioned based on the analysis of select, anonymous, and aggregated data from more than 5,000 companies (17.6 billion visits from retail sites) worldwide that use the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud to obtain real-time data and analysis of activity on websites, social media, and advertising, have put together a long form live Holiday Shopping long form piece around 2016 Holiday Shopping results thus far.

Here are the main summary results visualized by the SODP team below.


As digital publishers and media professionals, taking onboard the previous day mentioned top 5 tactics and the current statistics above, take note of the key insights:

  • Veterans Day sales are still driven predominantly from mobile due to holiday remembrance and emphasis on an older demographic
  •  Focus your or your client brand Shopping Holiday digital marketing efforts through owned media (and not through paid or earned media) as it will likely result in higher converting sales or conversions.
  • Many shoppers are now going online, as purchasing products for their loved ones can go unnoticed and done through mobile, driving up record Holiday season sales.
  •  Overtime consumer loyalty brought a greater lion share of traffic from email, however at a lower conversion rate. Dallas News reported this being to heavy discounting that took place on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For Cyber Monday, according to Google Trends it was expected that:

  • Key retailers such as Walmart, Target relying on media companies (and vice versa) to syndicate their online deals for more direct sales online.
  • Media companies such as the New York times setting up their own e-commerce store, as part of their own hybrid monetization efforts to capitalize on the holiday season.
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Eight of the 10 busiest shopping days of the year will be in December, according to ShopperTrak, and the SODP team will update this piece as new stats come in.

What are your overall impressions of the current Holiday Season sales & trends? Share or comment below to start the discussion.

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