What’s Happening:

Chartbeat released its insights from the first quarter of 2019 on audience engagement from around the globe, which reiterated the 2018 findings that the most engaging digital stories spanned across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Why it Matters:

The digital stories that resonate most with audiences transcend geography — a trend that is continuing in 2019, according to Chartbeat. The international audience engagement insights yields important information about what captivates reader attention worldwide, to help publishers form a bond with their audiences and further engage them.

Chartbeat’s first quarter 2019 international audience engagement insights shows continued global reach

Digging Deeper:

Some of the most important insights from the first quarter of 2019, according to Chartbeat, include:

  • Latin America tops international audiences for reader engagement, followed by the Middle East and Asia/Pacific region.
  • Readership across Africa has soared, with 78% of pageviews on that continent coming from mobile devices, followed by Central Asia (71%). Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Northern Europe all see 60% of pageviews from mobile, and 58% in Latin America.
  • Google Search continues to dominate referral traffic, doubling since January 2017.
  • In Central Asia, audiences seek content through search engines more than any other source, following by Latin America and Africa.
  • Central Asia also gets the most pageviews from social media (20%), followed closely by Middle East and Africa (19% each). Overall, however, trends among the top social referrers such as Facebook and Twitter have been flat or down over the past two years.
  • Northern Europe is home to the most loyal readers, with 49% of loyal pageviews compared to total pageviews. This could help build paid subscriptions.

The Bottom Line:

With the increased attention being paid to subscriptions, these international loyalty trends can give publishers a clearer idea of the content and platforms that drive the most engagement. For example, mobile visitors exhibit more loyalty across the board, and visitors coming to publisher sites directly from an app are 5.7 times more loyal than platform-referred visitors.

Overall, readers across the globe are finding, and sharing, content instantly—primarily on mobile devices, which see 40% longer usage times than desktop. Publishers that seek to improve their mobile user experience will increase their ability to go from engagement to loyalty. While there’s no single playbook for audience engagement, Chartbeat’s insights can give publishers a glimpse into best practices.

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