Gear Patrol, a New York City-based lifestyle publication focused on the intersection of products and life’s pursuits, launched its first weekly video series on Saturday, April 6. The series, aptly called This Week In Gear, is a show for enthusiasts highlighting the week’s best new products across the categories of automotive, outdoor & fitness, tech, home, style, grooming and watches. Each of the chosen products receives an executive briefing style report from an in-depth field test from its team of expert Gear Patrol editors.

Here’s a link to the first episode: https://gearpatrol.com/2019/04/06/this-week-in-gear-episode-1/

Anchored by Gear Patrol’s founder and editor in chief, Eric Yang, each episode of This Week In Gear contains three-to-four segments featuring the same Gear Patrol editor who conducted the actual field test—real journalists, real experts. Viewers can expect in-depth knowledge shared in a conversational, relatable format surrounded by both context and perspective, enjoying compelling on-location testing and service-oriented discussion, all rooted in Gear Patrol’s commitment to modern product journalism.

“The real secret of Gear Patrol is that our team are not just real experts, but also real people too,” Yang said. “We’ve been lucky enough to assemble a crew of smart testers that have great taste, and with This Week in Gear our aim is to capture and share the insider perspective of the pitching and learning process we go through week in and week out. These are the discussions that are happening in our halls, at our desks and in our break room. But most importantly, we want to give readers a fresh, summarized briefing that goes beyond just specifications and results.

This Week In Gear streams on gearpatrol.com every Saturday, and the episodes are simultaneously launched on Flipboard, the content discovery platform designed to inform and inspire audiences through the power of storytelling. With 145 million people on its platform every month, Flipboard is the ideal partner to help launch This Week In Gear and connect its highly engaged audience to the content that they care about.

When asked about the partnership, Claus Enevoldsen, Flipboard’s vice president of global growth and business development, remarked, “The opportunity to work with Gear Patrol on the launch of their new video series plays right into the power of our platform. Flipboard is committed to connecting people to their passions and interests in meaningful ways. We believe videos created by Gear Patrol’s experts enrich the content experience for the millions of gear and gadget enthusiasts on our platform.”

Episodes also have sponsorship opportunities for brands, such as the launch sponsor Crown & Caliber, a premier pre-owned luxury watch marketplace, and the premium camera manufacturer Leica Camera AG, to orient their products and messaging around reviews other products that share similar levels of quality and values. Visit ThisWeekInGear.com for more info and latest episodes.

About Gear Patrol

Founded in 2007, Gear Patrol is an award-winning digital and print publication, content studio and online store based in New York focused on the intersection of products and life’s pursuits. Gear Patrol reaches over 3 million readers monthly and is the winner of the Best Lifestyle Publication by the Webby Awards, Editorial Excellence  by MIN Magazine Media Awards, Best Editorial Design by Communication Arts and the Best Overall Design (Single Magazine Issue) in 2018 by the Folio Awards. The company’s mission is to be the definitive resource for discovering new products and exploring the stories that surround them.

About Flipboard

Flipboard is an award-winning content discovery platform, where people go to understand and share stories. Quality articles, videos, podcasts, and products are curated on Flipboard every day for millions around the world. It is a platform that lets people spend time on their interests, develop deeper understandings and share the best ideas with others by collecting them into their own Flipboard Magazines. Download Flipboard for free in any app store or visit Flipboard.com.

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See how one digital publisher increased its organic traffic by 600% with Google News Top Stories Carousel + best practices and troubleshooting tips

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