In more ways than one, different types of content can reach your audience and overwhelm them in the process. To avoid this, supply them only with the most relevant information, so that you can maintain their engagement in your business, and turn them into customers.

Content curation sets content marketing on a straight path

In our everyday life, we exercise our right to choose up to some extent. From the moment we wake up, we pick what food we will eat, or what clothes we will wear. This ability to make choices even extends to our online activities, where we select photos we’d want to post on Facebook, or the connections we prefer on LinkedIn. Sometimes, our capacity to select can get overwhelmed as information bombards us from every angle. The proliferation of various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others can overload us with constant streams of updates.

In a single minute, thousands of content pieces are posted on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms across the internet. Unfortunately, we only have 24 hours in a day, so it is impossible to get to all of these as we have other pressing tasks such as work, commitments to family and friends, education and other endeavors.

For businesses, what does this mean? Well, whatever content you publish out there can easily get lost in the pipeline. On the other hand, if you sort through this surge of information, it can take time and resources from your end. To address these issues, you can curate content for your organization. This process entails selecting relevant content from other sources across the web and sharing them with your audience in the social media. You may also refurbish the content you have published a long time ago and recycled it into a different form. For instance, you can turn blogs into videos.

When curating other sources, select posts or articles that will benefit your readers, but remember to give due credit to the original author. These initiatives will demonstrate that you take the extra effort to provide helpful information to your prospects and that you have a deep knowledge of your industry. As a result, this can captivate the attention of your audience, and thus reflect well on your business. Moreover, it can supplement your creation of original content, and help you save time and resources on your content strategy work.

It can be seen here that content curation has extrinsic and intrinsic benefits for your company. It will show your customers that you are a dependable business while enabling you to make the most out of the limited resources for your content marketing strategy. For a marketing-savvy enterprise, it only makes sense to get on board with content curation. So how do you embark on this task?

Get started with content curation that works

Since you are sharing content from other sources, it is always best to acknowledge the original author of a blog post or an article. Cite the original writer, and then notify him/her that you have curated his/her post. This may encourage the author to share the content coming from your end, and widen its reach. Aside from this, you also need to provide your input on the item that you have just curated. Your commentary should shed light on why you had chosen this particular article and why it is relevant to your business. You may also add a quote from the item itself together with your insight. Doing so will establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

You can maximise content curation by combining it with original content creation. Use original and curated content alternately to keep your social media channels up-to-date, and your audience constantly engaged. Take curated content up a notch by including a call to action in your post, which will function as a link to your original content. Invite your audience to read more about the information that you offer, or encourage them to share your content via their own social media profiles. For instance, call-to-action can easily be added in blogs created through the HubSpot software, in order to entice your audience to get to know more about your company. You can even customise CTAs for your readers to make the experience more personal. You may also use this combination to drive audiences to the next level of the sales funnel and turn them into customers for your company.

Employee advocacy can be developed through content Curation, whereby you may encourage every employee to the content sharing process. Try to include the perspectives of those in product development, public relations officers and others in selecting relevant sources to build a richer story. One of the tools that are specifically established for this purpose is NewzSocial. An online platform, it offers the ability to select relevant content to be shared through company-wide social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the brand and its employees. Through this platform, every employee in your organization can curate and share relevant posts about your company, the industry and their professional interests that relate to it. Again, this will expand the horizons for your content.

Keep these steps in mind and soon you will reap the benefits of content curation for your content marketing efforts. It will help your content go farther and keep your social media channels up-to-date; with little expense on your part. If you want your content to stand out, you need to supplement it with curated posts to keep your audience engaged in your business.

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