Pit Gottschalk, a sports analyst and publisher at Fever Pi’tch, started a newsletter with 100 subscribers, then struggled for a year to get to 2500+ subscribers. Though 2500 subscribers is ‘not bad’ for a year old newsletter, Pit went back to the drawing board and upped his game. This story explains how Pit’s newsletter scaled up from 2500 subscribers to 10,000 subscribers.

Digging deeper

According to Dan Oshinsky, the creator of Not a Newsletter, he met Pit at a time when his newsletter was not performing at its peak. Fast forward to August, three months after their first meeting, Pit has built his newsletter subscribers list to 10,000+.

In an interview with Dan Oshinsky, Pit Gottschalk of Fever Pi’tch revealed the four secrets behind his success, but before that; there are a few things to know about Pit Gottschalk.

Pit Gottschalk is a seasoned sports analyst and journalist. He’s been active in the news industry for over two decades and still active. Few of his previous workplaces are Axel Springer, Funke Mediengruppe, and Sport Bild. Despite his active participation in print journalism, he realized that he had more to do when it comes to digital trends.

As Pit stated in his meeting with Dan Oshinsky, ‘The biggest challenge an editor has is that when you’re too successful on the print side… you don’t care about the things happening in the digital age.’

He launched his newsletter, which specializes in German soccer. He was able to find a workable idea, thanks to the recommendations from his friends. One friend suggested Fever Pit’ch while the other suggested Revue, a newsletter tool. His social media announcements helped him gain over 100 subscribers; however, to level up, he had to do more and learn more.

The newsletter transformed Pit Gottschalk from a publisher to an independent voice in the German soccer industry. His subscribers see him a force to be reckoned with, as long as German soccer is concerned.

To further build his brand, make a living out of his newsletter and expand his audience, Pit began licensing his newsletter stories to other German sites and portals. Syndicating his content enabled him to turn Fever Pi’tch into a full-time occupation.

Below are the four secrets behind Pit Gottschalk’s success;

  • Major in your niche because people would only subscribe to a professional newsletter that has exclusive and deep content. No one wants to subscribe to an average newsletter.
  • Publish regularly, even if it’s twice or once a month. Sticking to a schedule would give your subscribers an idea of when to check their mail or expect your content.
  • Be transparent and carry your subscribers along. Let’s say, you couldn’t publish at a specified time because your wife gave birth or your kid is sick. Relate the issue to your audience, as a reason for not publishing at the given date. Transparency would create an aura of trust and empathy around your brand.
  • Tell your subscribers your achievements. Carrying your fans along would help you build an active community, where every member feels like a part of the family.

Bottom line

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Through word of mouth, Pit was able to build a reputation and relationship with his subscribers, enabling him to make Fever Pi’tch a full-time occupation. His 250th version of Fever Pi’tch was released this month and he’s planning to hit 25,000 subscribers pretty soon.

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