Understanding Loyalty And Reader Retention

Content Insights is the company that created the next-generation analytics solution to one of the biggest problems facing the online publishing industry: how to move past single metrics and find a more comprehensive approach to measuring content performance. The goal is to reveal the human behavior behind the stats and data and help media businesses define success patterns they can replicate in the future.

With Content Insights, users are able to see what type of content influences loyal behavior and brings the biggest ROI to their publication. The company has an innovative way of calculating reader loyalty and it has defined the loyal reader as the “habitually highly engaged reader”. This has proven to be statistically accurate, consistent and very valuable for subscription-based businesses.

State of Digital Publishing will be running an AMA with Dejan Nikolic, the co-founder and CEO of Content Insights.

In addition to being an entrepreneur with a web analytics background, Dejan has over 20 years of editorial experience in print and online. In 2010, he founded Njuz.net, a highly influential satirical news website. His editorial experience helped him understand a growing problem in the digital publishing industry and come up with the first content analytics solution back in 2012. Content Insights has come a long way since then thanks to the talented team and Dejan’s close guidance of the product development.

When you join the AMA you can expect to learn:

  • What makes the reader loyal and how to calculate reader loyalty
  • Why existing definitions of reader loyalty are inefficient and how they can be dangerously misleading for publishers
  • Where reader loyalty and subscriptions overlap
  • What it means to optimize for quality and how to increase reader retention rates.

This event will take place on Tuesday, April 9th, at 2 pm ET. If you can’t attend and would still like to ask some questions, please enter them in the live stream section below, and the State of Digital Publishing team will make sure they’re answered during Dejan’s session.


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