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Liam Corcoran is the Head of Communications at NewsWhip, who also regularly writes about social data, the nature of social distribution, and the role of social media in digital journalism on the NewsWhip blog.

He’s recently authored a whitepaper called ‘NewsWhip’s Three Years of Social Data Report‘, which as the name suggests, looks at how social media distribution and publishing has changed the past three years, based on NewsWhip’s social database.

Seek An Audience will be running an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, where Liam will be answering questions relating to this report, social media publishing/distribution and about NewsWhip in general.

Here are the key areas which you learn as a result of attending:

  • See how engagement with content and websites on Facebook has changed since 2014
  • The significant rise of engagement with publisher content on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • See what works in improving content for further engagement on different platforms.

Liam has also included a detailed case study of Washington Post’s social media engagement strategy, and top engagement topic and publisher rankings from 2014-2017 (March).

This event will be taking place on the 1st of June, 2017 at 11:00 am EDT (New York Time). If you can’t attend and would still like to ask some questions, please enter them in the comments section below, and the Seek An Audience team will see if they can be answered during Liam’s session.

Finally, please be sure that as a minimum you gain contributor access (through signing up on the site), in order to allow you ask questions. Sign up and we’ll get this sorted ASAP.


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