AMA: Outsourcing Advertising for Publishers With Vipul Mistry from Intermarkets

Vipul Mistry is Senior Business Development Manager at Intermarkets, the media company connecting advertisers and consumers through its portfolio of high-quality, influential websites, that attracts more than 3 billion monthly impressions.

He has helped negotiated deals that reduced the operational cost of email services by 50% and doubled revenue for content recommendations. In addition, he has assisted sales organization on all high-value accounts; engage and introduce new advertising products, technology, services to clients, including the use of data, mobile and video offerings.

State of Digital Publishing will be running an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, where Vipul will be answering questions related to revenue management partnerships, ad monetization and more.

Here are the key areas of learning you can expect, as a result of attending:

  • Benefits of revenue management partnerships and what to look for in a partner
  • Programmatic techniques to garner additional display and video advertising revenue
  • Best practices to drive revenue to your website using a less-is-more approach
  • Effective tools for building and growing an audience like email.

This event will be taking place on the 14th September 2017 at 11 am New York Time . If you can’t attend and would still like to ask some questions, please enter them in the comments section below, and the Seek An Audience team will see if they can be answered during Vipul’s session.

AMA: Outsourcing Advertising for Publishers With Vipul Mistry from Intermarkets

Finally, please be sure that you have community member access (through signing up on the site), to ask your questions.


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