Digital Publishers Reap Early Benefits of Outsourcing Revenue Management

Intermarkets, the media company connecting advertisers and consumers through its portfolio of high-quality, influential websites, today announced three new additions to its portfolio of digital publishers — Wayne Dupree, Bounding Into Comics and Ringside Intel. These properties increase the portfolio’s reach with sports and entertainment enthusiasts and add nearly 2 million monthly page views to the media company’s total audience.

The publishers partnered with Intermarkets to more thoughtfully manage ad operations and sales management as well as to build their audiences, enabling their editorial teams to focus on developing content.

As a result of Intermarkets’ expert optimization of ad placements and advertisers running on WayneDupree.com, revenue per 1,000 page views (RPMs) has improved by more than two times on desktop and 5 percent on mobile in its first 90 days. Intermarkets has also provided Dupree with guidance for video monetization, email acquisition, and social strategies.  

“Intermarkets is upfront and transparent in everything they do, so I am never left wondering and already trust the team 500 percent,” said Dupree. “Intermarkets is continually reviewing and evaluating vendors, partnerships, new technologies and industry trends, so I’m able to focus on the most important part of my website — the content!”

Before joining Intermarkets, Bounding Into Comics had neither a proactive growth or monetization strategy. Within a month of joining Intermarkets’ Portfolio, users on boundingintocomics.com increased 350 percent. As a result, Bounding Into Comics has been able to focus on expanding both their publishing and editorial team, as well as seeing a steady increase in revenues.

Ringside Intel is an up-and-coming sports entertainment site that sought support in implementing header bidding and programmatic sales. The long-standing relationships that Intermarkets has with key stakeholders across the online advertising landscape helped ringsideintel.com attract higher quality advertisers because of those preferred partnerships. Additionally, Intermarkets was able to advise on strategies such as ad placement, number of units per page and use of native advertising that improved engagement by enhancing the user experience on their site. Ringside Intel was then able to reinvest the revenue from these strategies to grow both its publishing and social footprints to drive readership.

“As a 20-year veteran in the media space, Intermarkets wholly understands the challenges that publishers face and prides ourselves on staying ahead of the curve on the latest tactics for overcoming those obstacles with smarter advertising,” said Stephanie Snow, VP of Ad Operations at Intermarkets. “We are committed to helping quality publishers in a variety of content verticals grow their ad revenues and embrace new opportunities by and through the core values of an Intermarkets’ partnership — integrity, quality, and personal service.”

Source: Market Wired

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See how one digital publisher increased its organic traffic by 600% with Google News Top Stories Carousel + best practices and troubleshooting tips

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