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Marketing information and guidance company WARC released its Global Ad Trends report in April 2019, which focused on podcasts. The report includes key findings on ad spend, market penetration, audience data and media intelligence, to provide an overview of the state of the global advertising market.

Digging Deeper

Some of the key media intelligence in the report include:

  • Almost one in four adults has watched a gaming livestream in the past month.
  • One in three people worldwide listens to a podcast each month.
  • Flipkart is poised to overtake Amazon as the largest e-commerce platform in India.
  • Three-fourths of consumers have limited their online footprint.
  • Brazil, Canada and Japan have seen the largest growth in influencer marketing.

Podcast Trends

While monthly podcast penetration has reached a third worldwide, some countries have seen higher numbers, such as Hong Kong at 55.4%, Taiwan at 47.1% and Spain at 40.1%. The reasons that consumers listen to and interact with podcasts also vary considerably by country; for example, in China, most listeners do so via paid subscriptions. Educational content is also very popular in China, while in North America the topics of the highest interest are news and political genres.

The relationship between podcast hosts, listeners and advertisers is core to the medium and crucial to their success. More than 58% of podcast ads are integrated into the content and blend in, rather than disrupt.

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