The Daily Dot and Thought Catalog — announced the results of their beta test of the first scalable, programmatic branded content solution. Called ContentDial, it couples data and technology to make branded content simple, scalable and effective for publishers.

TripleLift, a native advertising platform, debuted the first scalable, programmatic branded content solution – ContentDial on April 5th, 2018. ContentDial informs and scales data-based content strategies for brands and advertisers who are working with multiple publishing partners across a variety of owned and operated sites, as well as social pages, by leveraging real-time data and technology.

”With ContentDial, marketers experience all of branded content’s benefits and, now, they can do so at scale and programmatically,” said Jason Kleinman, GM of Branded Content at TripleLift. ”Publishers gain a new revenue stream as branded content efforts are executed across more websites than they have been in the past.”

Since December 2017, marketers from financial technology company Stash have used ContentDial in a beta period to promote its apps targeting millennials across publishers The Daily Dot and Thought Catalog. TripleLift’s ContentDial solution created customized content that fit each publisher’s respective voice, which the brand had never been able to do before, while also providing consolidated reporting that allowed Stash to analyze and change its campaign in real-time.

Initial results from Stash’s campaign showed that ContentDial:

  • Drove more than 5 percent of its Daily Dot and Thought Catalog readers to register for and deposit money in a new Stash account
  • Provided an 8 percent lift in Stash’s brand awareness as shown by a third party brand lift study
  • Generated more meaningful social interactions with consumers posting branded content 10 times more than usual to their social feed
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”Stash had avoided publisher direct content marketing because of high minimum spends and production headaches that conclude with a lack of visibility into reach, scale, and overall success measurement,” said Dale Sterling, CMO of Stash. ”ContentDial’s automation of the production process removed the biggest barrier that prevented us from succeeding, understanding which content was performing best.”

For more information please visit triplelift.com.

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