Has AR, VR gone too far?

With this ever-changing and evolving space of technology, how far is too far to be immersed in an experience? I was asked this very question the other night at an event I was speaking at and it really got me thinking. My initial response is that this technology isn’t something that’s designed to replace reality,…


The State of Adblocking: With Dan Rua, from Admiral

Adblocking has become synonymous with the disruption of a browser’s user experience when consuming content on the net, and many publishers are increasingly losing revenue as a result of the practice. However, many industry bodies, such as the IAB and Adchoices.com, are trying to create an alternative’ co-existence in the arms race and advertising framework…


The Need for A Fake News Solution

Fake news has been around for a while, but it has only reached its’ climax when suggestions began floating around of the impact it brought to sway peoples’ opinion in the recently held U.S presidential elections. To set the scene, fake news is news content of a hoax, disinformed or propaganda nature, that can be…

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