The future of digital publishing is strongly dictated by insights/ideas and the decisions made to implement these by digital publishing/media brands. Social media, search, digital publishing insights and digital publisher case studies curated by SODP.


How Big Data Has Impacted Digital Publishing

The media and publishing industry traditionally collects and generates vast amounts of data. All this data offers the possibility for the media and publishing industry to reinvent themselves and repackage content in a way which is better tailored . Big Data offers ample new possibilities for this industry and slowly but surely, increasing examples are being…


What are the best IT news sites?

To determine what could be described as being the ‘best’ IT news site, you need to consider how you prefer to consume your news, and then look at the sites that provide the most useful information in a format that you enjoy – whether it is lengthy articles, or shorter summarised roundups. There are a…

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