In this revamped section, State of Digital Publishing will feature the everyday lives of the people behind the publishing brands that cater towards developing and nurturing their audiences.

Let’s read their interviews and stories below.


Sarah Grey – Grey Editing

Writer, Editor, Proofreader, US Localizer, Indexer, and All-Around Wordsmith at Grey Editing.   WHAT LED YOU TO START WORKING IN DIGITAL/MEDIA PUBLISHING? I’ve been writing and editing since I was old enough to write, so copyediting was a natural fit for me. I worked in a variety of administrative jobs in my twenties and found…


Neil Thorton – What Neil Did

Neil Thornton, a former stylist, and private shopper turned fashion writer, social media addict and style seeker. Founder of whatneildid.com   WHAT LED YOU TO START WORKING IN DIGITAL/MEDIA PUBLISHING? It was never my intention to end up here. I’ve always tried to live as a ‘yes man’ (within reason, obviously). I had just moved to…


Tammy Burns – Urban Adventures

Tammy Burns is the Content Marketing Specialist for Urban Adventures, a global tour operator in more than 150 cities. In her role, she works with the brand’s local guides to write, edit and curate stories from around the globe, with a focus on authentic experiences and responsible tourism. Her own travel writing has also appeared…


Lisa Poisso

Lisa Poisso has been a professional editor and writer for more than twenty-five years. An award-winning journalist and former corporate communications professional, she is now a fiction editor and book coach specializing in working with new and emerging authors. Her Author’s Guide to Finding and Hiring an Editor is available free on her website. Sign…


Ed Salvato – Man About World

Co-founder and editor in chief, ManAboutWorld magazine; author: LGBT Handbook of Tourism & Hospitality Marketing (2016).   WHAT LED YOU TO START WORKING IN DIGITAL/MEDIA PUBLISHING? I’ve been in digital media since the early days. In 1998 I started work at a print publication called Out & About which launched a website that year. I…


Catherine Balavage – Frost Magazine

Actor, Writer, Author, Editor of Frost Magazine. Listed by The Herald as one of the Top 50 Young Film & TV Stars – tinyurl.com/zsss58a.   WHAT LED YOU TO START WORKING IN DIGITAL/MEDIA PUBLISHING? I always loved magazine and media. In 2010 Frost Magazine was launched. An online lifestyle magazine. It became successful very quickly and has…


Carlo Alcos – Matador Network

Digital Media Editor and Producer at Matador Network and Manager of the Matador Creators Community.   WHAT LED YOU TO START WORKING IN DIGITAL/MEDIA PUBLISHING? I was living in Melbourne, Australia at the time (2008) after about 8 months traveling around Europe, across Russia on the trans-Siberian, and around China and Vietnam. I somehow stumbled…

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