Digitial Strategy

How will you translate your offline magazine or news editorial publications online? Is there an avenue for building for generating revenue and developing a unique audience? How do I identify my online customer, market and existing competitors across all channels? What is the best method in connecting to my potential visitors?

All the above encompass devising and effective digital strategy which helps with coming up with the appropriate monestisation model for your business.

Connect your objectives, goals, and tactics with the right channels in order to effectively execute your planed digital strategy with the following strategies, advice and tips.


The Age of Technical Marketing Has Arrived

What is Technical Marketing? Technical marketing is the use of digital technology in executing digital marketing strategies. The pillars of technical marketing include: Integration – systemising processes and methods for digital marketing planning/reviewing, implementation and promotion UX – influencing the visitors user journey to achieve a certain outcome Agile development and/or project management – building platforms/sites/tools e.t.c. through iterations…

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