Intermarkets Welcomes Three New Publishers to Portfolio

Digital Publishers Reap Early Benefits of Outsourcing Revenue Management Intermarkets, the media company connecting advertisers and consumers through its portfolio of high-quality, influential websites, today announced three new additions to its portfolio of digital publishers — Wayne Dupree, Bounding Into Comics and Ringside Intel. These properties increase the portfolio’s reach with sports and entertainment enthusiasts…


The Definitive Guide To Online Video Advertising

Marketing forums are packed with tips about online video advertising, but some user-provided suggestions are inaccurate or misleading. Our detailed guide to online video advertising makes it a cinch to filter through the conflicting information found around the web so you can implement successful marketing practices. Remember that videos can be used in two major…


The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Advertising

It’s no secret that we think building natural relationships with your readers, audience or consumer base is critical to digital publishing success. One great complement to trustworthy, interesting content is mobile advertising, which is a cost-effective way to increase exposure and drive more people to your site. If you’re engaging in any type of online…


The Complete Guide To Display Advertising

When simple text ads don’t effectively express your marketing messages, you might consider turning to display advertising. Display advertising lets you quickly share information with your target audience, whether you’re promoting a seasonal sale or soliciting signups for your new eCourse. Display advertising can be a great complement to your content, too, as long as…


What Is Native Advertising, Anyways?

Marketers shell out as much as $200,000 for a native ad campaign on a high-tier website – and there’s a reason why sites command such high prices. Learn more about the factors behind native advertising’s recent popularity surge in this detailed guide, but remember to incorporate all your ad efforts in the context of building…


The Definitive Guide To Social Media Advertising

We really like social media advertising because it’s easy to integrate into existing content marketing and community-building efforts. When handled correctly, social media advertising looks and feels almost as genuine as organic posts do, so it drives similar percentages of traffic with the added advantage of extra exposure. On the flip side, we’ve seen some…


Paid Search Advertising Guide

Marketers doled out an estimated $83 million for paid search advertising in 2016 – and experts predict that figure to jump to $92.4 million in 2017. Remember that content – in your ads, on your social profiles, and on your web pages – is ultimately what converts consumers. Paid search advertising is a great way…


Your Guide To Retargeting Online

The average website converts at the rather unimpressive rate of just 2 percent. For many businesses, this means a depressing loss of business as customers migrate elsewhere, but savvy brands know that there’s a solution to bounce rates that could otherwise decimate their bottom line: retargeting. While building a natural relationship with consumers is always…


The Ultimate Guide to Local Advertising

Marketers spent more than $7 billion on digital local advertising in 2016, and experts predict that figure will grow by an additional $3 billion between 2017 and 2021. We’ve packed this user-friendly guide with essential info about local advertising so you can decide whether it deserves a spot in your marketing plan. While we always…

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