The Age of Technical Marketing Has Arrived

What is Technical Marketing? Technical marketing is the use of digital technology in executing digital marketing strategies. The pillars of technical marketing include: Integration – systemising processes and methods for digital marketing planning/reviewing, implementation and promotion UX – influencing the visitors user journey to achieve a certain outcome Agile development and/or project management – building platforms/sites/tools e.t.c. through iterations…


How to gain audience development insights

There are ever increasing tools and sophisticated methods that are helping  people/agencies better understand their  own/clients website audience, however decisions are still being made based on individual interpretation, instead of gaining enough context from data in order to take action on insights. To avoid this filtered process, one should take a pillared approach to ensure the right…


Creating an SEO Strategy

Principles of creating an SEO strategy: Make sure you understand how search engines work – Understand the searcher persona workflow – how users search, find your website and the motivations that drive them in order to conduct your desired action/conversion Create SEO goals that align to your business goals and therefore impact the bottom line Develop an ongoing…


Selling it softly with Editorial Commerce

The past saw magazine publishers effectively build loyal relationships with readers and a monetised audience that was ready to purchase carefully curated content that satisfied their needs. However since the beginning of the internet, this has been a challenging issue for magazine publisher brands or even ecommerce companies to do this online, due to the friction caused by a…


Content Syndication Process

Many blog owners think that regularly publishing content (even if it is optimised for  SEO standards) will result in having a magically transformed website audience that will love and cherish your work for years to come. I’m sorry, but you have the wrong expectations if you think this is the case. There was a recent White Board Friday post…

Content Editorial Strategy

What is an Editorial Strategy??

At the end of the day, websites produce content in order to facilitate ideal visitors in achieving their expected set outcomes. Whilst all this falls under audience development, how do we ensure that we are effectively building and nurturing our visitors in an effective and meaningful way? Content strategy is the fuel for a company’s…

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